A. Guest List

Before you move any further, establish your guest list in order to send out both your Save The Dates as well as your Wedding Invitations. It’ll be up to you to cap yourself! If cost is an issue, then bear in mind that each additional person carries a cost of both food and drinks. So plan according to your budget.

When you create your wedding guest list, make sure to include the basics:

Name and Last Name


Phone Number

You can also leave extra room for additional information such as:

Food Allergies

Meal Preference

“Adult” or “Child” category

What’s important is to account for everyone that might be attending the big event so as to prevent mishaps. Clearly you don’t want a guest to not get a meal, or not have enough appetizers or beverages go around.

B. Save the Dates

Everyone is busy nowadays, so as best practice send out Save The Dates for your guests to plan accordingly. Here are some awesome Save The Dates that are just out of the ordinary, thatI thought were quite witty and personal, a great way to give your guests an idea on what to expect on the Big Day.

Check out these links for more ideas.

Save the Dates Magnets

Mailing Labels

Postcard Printing

Save the Date Invitation Patterns – Creating your own invitations

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