Wedding Cakes are abstolutely beautiful! There is so much time and work that goes into making these astounding creations that you will surely be paying for it! Another downside to having a wedding cake is that there is only one type of dessert; a dessert table offers a variety of sweets that guests will surely enjoy themselves a lot more.

Here are some images to get you inspired; you’ll see that there is a twinkie cake- quite creative AND cost efficient!

Also check out our cupcake wrappers to create a great dessert table!


A.nd let there be music… and lots of photos

B.eautiful Food for everyone

C.ake or Dessert Table- quite a dilemma

D.ress (“THE” Dress) – Very exiting

E.nchanting Flowers to set the mood

F.ormal Invitations for all your guests

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