Although the big day is over, there are a whole set of string of events that still require your attention.

1. Moving in

Although people always depict moving as something like this:

It will actually look and feel more like this:

Image from Depth Astrology

But don’t be despaired, when it’s all said and done- you’ll both feel like this:

2. Prepare for your Honeymoon

If you have plans for Honeymoon, well it’s time to pack your bags and get going! Reconfirm your hotel reservations, and check the weather forecasts to make sure you take appropriate clothing with you.

Image from Wedding Times

3. Creating Ever Lasting Memories

Although you’ll have plenty of time to create memories together, it’s important to gather up your wedding photos since it is, officially, when you’ve started your lives together. So it has ocurred to me, that there are two great ways to get these things going:

A. Creating your very first photo album together using booklet printing

B. Inmortalizing your romantic momments with canvas prints


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