7 Creative Shipping Prints to WOW Your Customers - Shipping Prints

Shipping prints are an incredibly diverse solution for all kinds of packaging needs. When customers order products from your website, you will definitely want to retain them, but how? This is where shipping print helps. They create the first impression even before unpacking delivered products and allow people to remember the brand for a long time.


According to Adroit Market Research 2020, the global packaging printing market size is projected to grow from USD 320.6 billion in 2019 to USD 440.6 billion in 2028. High-quality shipping prints increase demand for products and chances of repeat purchase in the coming months. What are the various prints you can use? What are their purpose? Let us learn more.

Purpose of Shipping Prints

Custom print represents your entire brand. A tangible packaging design makes it personal, allows people to carry, share, hold, and feel it. You may be confident about your product, and it may be fantastic with a great logo. But trendy and awesomely designed creative print is what really seals the deal.

7 Creative Shipping Prints to WOW Your Customers - Shipping Prints

Thank You Note Illustration

Whenever I step into a store, I expect a good product and good packaging. The packaging elevates the product. Similarly, when I order a product online and get it delivered at the door, the packaging is the first thing I notice. If it is unable to attract me initially, I somewhat lose interest in the product.

Great print packaging lasts long, helps to wow customers, and inspires them to build a lasting bond with the brand. Think out of the box to instantly draw the attention of customers. How can you make your packaging unique? Depending on a trustworthy printing service provider like 4OVER4 can give you many options to make your shipping packages stand out from the rest.

1Business Cards

7 Creative Shipping Prints to WOW Your Customers - Shipping Prints

Business cards are one of the most accessible options one can think of while looking for unique shipping prints for packages.

We are well aware that customized business cards help create a stronger bond between the brand and its customers. They are the best way to connect with customers especially when they have any query regarding the product or service.

You may personalize the business card to add thank you or call me messages. Adding your phone number, email-id, and address strengthens customers' trust in your brand.

Business cards show that the business is organized and values its brand.

2Shipping Print Buck slips

7 Creative Shipping Prints to WOW Your Customers - Shipping Prints

Buck slip, another simple yet powerful shipping print, measures 4” x 9” or smaller. Not just for promotional items, buck slips can be sent along with product delivery packages as well.

You may customize it to your liking and use it for various purposes. Buck slips added to your packages are a great way to make your brand unique and stand out from competitors. They also help to encourage conversation and stimulate customer interest.

Buck slips increase the possibility of retaining new and existing customers and getting orders from them in the future.

3Customized Shipping Print Stickers and Labels

7 Creative Shipping Prints to WOW Your Customers - Shipping Prints

Plain white or brown paper packages often disappoint customers. Spicing it up with colorful and customized stickers can leave a positive effect and wow your customers.

Creatively designed stickers enhance your brand value and express your business ideas clearly. This, in turn, helps customers to remember your brand for a long time.

You can design stickers based on your business needs. Labels or stickers on packaging may hold the product name, product ingredients, use, or unique brand logo.

People appreciate added information about a product even before unpacking it.

4Coupons and Promo Code Shipping Prints

7 Creative Shipping Prints to WOW Your Customers - Shipping Prints

How about adding coupons to the ordered package and create an exciting experience for your customers? When customers find 50% off in their delivered package, they are sure to return to your site to use it.

Coupons have the power to wow customers. It gives them the perfect way to save money on both online and offline shopping. Coupon codes are handy options when you are tight on budget and trying to save. Discount offers encourage customers to shop with you in the future.

5Small Yet Effective Shipping Prints

7 Creative Shipping Prints to WOW Your Customers - Shipping Prints

What can you include in a package that will leave a positive impact on your customers? Branded buttons, bumper stickers, magnets, decals, drink coasters, event tickets, tote bags, t-shirts, etc., are some of the small yet very effective shipping prints. You may use them to engage with your customers.

When you send out such branded freebies with ordered products, your brand gets credibility and stands out in a saturated market. It also helps to build customer loyalty and recognition.

6Customized Colorful Packaging Tape or Boxes

7 Creative Shipping Prints to WOW Your Customers - Shipping Prints

Do you want to reduce your carton cost? Choose custom printed tapes or customized boxes. They make it easy and quick to identify content inside the package and also help with proper storage and handling. Customized tapes and boxes keep the item safe and secured inside the package.

When the product reaches the customers in a beautiful branded box safely, automatically, they are elated. When it is a big order, you may choose to deliver in a big branded box, and for small orders, you may opt for customized tapes. This makes customized shipping prints instantly recognizable.

7Thank You Cards

7 Creative Shipping Prints to WOW Your Customers - Shipping Prints

According to a study published on Navitor, 38% of customers attribute an excellent customer experience to personalization. When you include thank you cards or notes to a package, it helps build a great relationship with your customers.

Apart from making your customers feel valued, a thank you note can also improve the customer experience. It keeps them coming back for another great order experience.

Adding a thank-you note to your order can create a good surprise for your customers. They will appreciate that you value them and strive to do better always. Thanking customers is a big step towards a flourishing brand community that can keep customers happy.

8Design Your Shipping Prints

Business success depends on customer loyalty. If you can offer a delightful and smooth customer experience you will easily retain customers, making them a reliable and consistent source of your sales. Shipping prints are one of the best ways to create a great customer experience. If you are looking for customized shipping print designs, click on the link below.

7 Creative Shipping Prints to WOW Your Customers - Shipping Prints

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