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Postcard marketing is an effective and inexpensive method that can help a company increase sales and build a unique brand identity. When developed with the assistance of a professional online printing company, postcards can be an important component in any successful sales effort.

A viable postcard advertising campaign is primarily dependent on creating an appealing design and effective distribution strategy. A high quality design will make the postcard more attractive, and also serve to deliver a concise and powerful message. Taking advantage of custom printing services will result in postcards that generate a compelling call to action.

Design Elements

There are a variety of important considerations that should be included in the postcard printing process. Understanding and identifying the target demographic is an essential criterion for achieving a substantial response rate. Design elements must be carefully applied to appeal to the tastes of the prospective customer.

* Use Both Sides Effectively: The lead or front side of a postcard is typically used to attract and hold the recipient’s attention. In business printing, this can be accomplished with images or text, but the message must be convincing and communicated quickly. The backside of the piece will display complete contact information along with other important details. The primary objective is to motivate the reader to contact the business for additional information.

* Fonts: The fonts used in postcard advertising will communicate an instant image and style, so it is important to select this element carefully. A font should reflect the brand itself while also stimulating awareness. It is desirable to select common fonts with slight variations to add individual style. For postcard printing, the use of bolded fonts in key phrases will draw the recipient directly to the critical messages.

* Avoid Clutter: Postcard marketing is designed to raise awareness and attract attention for a business. Avoid the temptation to include too much information in the piece. An in-depth explanation of the business, its history and product features are best served through other forms of print media such as brochures.

*Color: When used tastefully in business printing, color can stimulate the senses and create an attractive backdrop for the text. Warm colors like burgundy, turquoise and deep orange convey a sense of leisure or relaxation. Hot colors such as bright red or vivid yellow are indicative of vibrant excitement. Online printing professionals can help select a postcard color scheme that will elicit a positive response from potential customers.

Choosing the Right Print Shop

A well conceived and executed postcard marketing campaign can have a significant positive impact on a company’s comprehensive sales effort. Look for online print shops that have extensive experience is custom printing and postcard advertising. is a great example.

Finally remember to visit to get the lowest prices and fast turnaround times for all your business printing needs such as flyer printing or poster printing.

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