5 Best Ways to Use Images in Print Marketing - Online Printing

The use of images in print marketing has grown exponentially as more and more people are beginning to see its impact on the recipients.


Visual content, like images, is now being incorporated in blogs, social media posts, prints, and many more. Why? Well, this because people are becoming more and more biased towards texts as their focus is shifting towards visuals. That’s why more people, I included, would rather watch Netflix than read a book. Texts are becoming boring and less interesting for humans every day.

Many businesses are now relying on visual content and are investing in it accordingly. According to HubSpot, 49% of marketers rate visual marketing as very important to their marketing strategy.


When it comes to the print world, images are becoming the norm.

Ways to use images in print marketing


If you don’t have images on your menus then you’re completely missing out on its impact!

Have you ever gone to a restaurant but didn’t know what to get. But when you’re looking at the menu, you see a great photo of a meal that makes your mouth water? What do you do? You end up asking for that meal, right? That’s how much influence images have on menus. They captivate people and remind them of the delicious dishes you offer. On top of that, they make menus more beautiful and authentic.

5 Best Ways to Use Images in Print Marketing - Online Printing

It should go without saying that you should use photos of meals or drinks that you offer. There is nothing worse than someone pointing at the menu image and asking for the item and you say you don’t serve it. It throws people off.


I am yet to see a headshot without an image.  A headshot communicates who you are and your personality to people even before meeting them in person. The image you use determines the message you want to communicate. In most headshots, if you smile, it shows that you’re approachable while a serious-looking image shows that you’re determined.

5 Best Ways to Use Images in Print Marketing - Online Printing

Remember you want to send the best message possible. So things like posture, background, outfits, accessories, and make-up should go into consideration when deciding on the image to use.

33D Lenticular Cards

When it comes to cards, nothing beats 3D lenticular cards in terms of incorporating images. If you are looking at your business card printing options, then settle for 3D lenticular business cards. They allow you to showcase 2 or 3 images on your card! When the card flips, a different image is displayed. This makes people interested and gives your custom business cards a more visual appeal than other static cards.

5 Best Ways to Use Images in Print Marketing - Online Printing

When doing so, consider highlighting images that are in line with your brand and that communicate your message accurately.

4Posters and Flyers

What’s a poster without images? Is it even a poster?

People may not remember your poster message but the images will certainly remain with them for a long while. The same thing goes for flyers.

5 Best Ways to Use Images in Print Marketing - Online Printing

I know I don’t read through flyers handed out to me unless it has images that will make me curious to know what the flyer is all about. If you’re inviting people for a sale at your electronics shop, then let the flyers have images of what is on sale. If you are launching a new store, then have images of what you will be selling or providing in the flyers or posters. The best part is that the images don’t have to be yours. You can get images from sites like Pixabay and Pexel that closely match with what you’re providing.

5Postcards and Brochures

5 Best Ways to Use Images in Print Marketing - Online Printing

Avoid cramming your postcards and brochures with too many words. Recipients rarely read through the long paragraphs. Instead of words, use photos instead. This will not only make the recipients know what your card is about but will also encourage them to read through the contents of your card. Images will also make your postcards and brochures stand out from the pile.

Tips on using images in print marketing

  • Always use relevant images- You can have great images but if they are not relevant to your prints then it’s pointless. Use images that are in line with your brand message for it to serve its purpose.
  • Use high-quality graphics- A bad graphic is worse than no graphic. Investing in high-quality images will boost your prints and make them neater. Your prints will appear clean and presentable which will give people a good perception of your business.
  • Don’t use too many images- Sometimes less is more. Don’t scatter images all over. Use just enough. You can ask someone to review your prints and point out if you need to edit them.
  • Use images in the right place- Correctly place your images in your prints. Don’t just throw them around. Place them strategically in a way that they will flow with your intended message.


Images remain in people’s minds longer than texts. Great images will always make your prints pop and capture the attention of people.  

5 Best Ways to Use Images in Print Marketing - Online Printing

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Design your own prints for you to be able to incorporate the images you want and alter them till you're satisfied with the look.

 Invest in good quality images and be sure your prints will have a huge return on investment.

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