National Coffee Association says that in 2019, 64% of Americans drank a cup of coffee everyday meaning more than 150 million Americans drank 400 million cups of coffee per day. That is 140 billion cups a year. While we may not be able to estimate how many custom mugs are part of that 140 billion demographic, we can be sure that you cannot lack at least 50 billion custom printed coffee mugs. Custom mug printing gives coffee a whole new taste and experience. The custom mug may contain different images, writings, logos, and even different colors but the coffee tastes kind of different in our minds when we see inspiring images and colors on the mugs.


The Need for Custom Mug Printing

Custom mugs give you the opportunity to exercise your imagination muscles. You can print anything in them according to your imagination. There are people who give mugs to their loved ones as a sign of love and appreciation and engrave loving words or affectionate images.

Others choose custom mug printing and have them engraved with inspirational quotes, scriptures, and messages so that they can always remember that one thing that keeps them going. Corporate bodies too have not been left behind.


They use custom mugs as inanimate brand ambassadors by printing their colors, logo, vision, and mission on them. That way, when people go home with those mugs or any other place they are visible to a wider audience and it enhances brand awareness.

To stand out from the crowd of custom or branded mugs, you should consider unique design ideas that are not common. There are custom mug printing ideas that are out of this world. We will explore them so that your mug game will take your business to the next level. If it is for personal use, you will have the experience of your life when using that mug. Here are amazing custom printing ideas that are worth trying out:

11. Favorite icon


We all have people we look up to and admire from afar. It may be a celebrity, an actor/actress, writer, chef, speaker, or much more. These people have had a positive impact on our lives one way or another.  Personally, I admire Tyler Perry’s inspirational story of how he rose from homelessness to owning one of the largest studios around and creating exhilarating films.

You can have your favorite icon printed on your mug(s) so that it reminds you of what that icon represents to you. Every time you take a sip of coffee or hot water from a mug that has an icon printed on it, you take a sip of inspiration and hope.

All you need to do is get the right photo which has the right resolution and let the printing company do the rest.

22. Statistics mug



These mugs are for professionals who love numbers, graphs, and infographic images. Statistic mugs have visuals on them that appeal to the technical mind.

For instance, a stockbroker would love a graph of stock movement to inspire them to work harder and remind them of their passion. As a business person, you can analyze the kind of customers you have and personalize these infographic mugs to those who work in technical fields such as economists, engineers, physicists, stockbrokers, and many more.

All you need to do is Google cheap photo mug printing and give them the creative statistic designs you would like to appear on your Mugs.


33. Colors and patterns


Patterns and colors can be merged well to give your mug that classy, executive, attractive look. It makes you feel so proud and confident when using the mug. There are no limits when it comes to this particular design.

All you need is an artistic eye and an incredibly imaginative mind. The best thing about this is that anything is fair game. You can draw a pattern that you enjoy on a piece of paper and colors too. As a business, you can merge your corporate colors and beautifully craft them into coffee mugs.

Many companies have caught this on and usually give away mugs with corporate colors or company logos during their events or when there is a company visit. It is an effective form of cheap advertising and brand awareness. If it is done right and in a beautifully professional way, they will raise curiosity from the public, and with the right contact information, a conversion takes place.

44. Company logo


A company logo is a nice idea for custom printed mugs that will further humanize your brand. Mugs with logo printed on them make recipients feel like your company is not aloof from the people and can readily interact with its customers.

You have come across different mugs that bear the emblem of the United States government or even that of the Army from veterans. How did it make you feel? Patriotic, right? Get your company logo on a mug and make people feel connected to your company.

5Quick Turnaround

You may have questions such as how much does it cost for mug printing but all you need to know is that it is very easy and affordable. Just log onto the 4OVER4 website and see the best option that fits you or your business.

The turnaround ranges from 1-5 days and it is recommended that the artwork you send to the printing company does not contain crop marks or any other printer marks, including registration marks, or color bars.

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