Participating in a Trade Show implies that you’ll need to make the proper preparations to stand out. With so many other companies exhibiting, it is absolutely necessary to present yourself in an outstanding manner.

Here are some trade show displays that I think might be astounding for your company.

As you might imagine, these trade show displays range from six thousand dollars to 90 thousand dollars, if not more.

If you’re not a huge company, spending this kind of money at a trade show might not justify itself, especially if the projected ROI is either marginal or even negative. But there are several other options and alternative solutions that might increase your ROI whilst still catching your audience’s attention.


1. Vinyl Banners: If you get 6 15×100 vinyl banners from 4over4.com, an online printing company, you’ll be spending less than US$500. As an added plus, large format prints ship for free!

2. Hi Gloss Posters: You could also choose to get 6 15×100 hi gloss posters for under US$350.

For Both these alternatives you can easily place them side by side and form a big banner that will surely catch people attention!

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