Here’s the deal: you’ve got a great fan page but despise sending them invites because the process is so cumbersome that you never find the strength or the patience to do it.

Instead of procrastinating, I’ve got a little shortcut that’ll enable you to send out all your invites in 3 clicks. You’re gonna love it!

3 Easy Steps to sending out bulk Fan Suggestions to all your friends

1. Go to the Fan Page and click on “Suggest to Friends”

2. Once the box with all your friends pops up, go to your navigation bar and punch in the following and press Enter (don’t forget the semi colon)


3. Ohh yeah! All your friends that are not already fans of the fan page have been selected!

I did say 3 clicks, so the last one is: click on “send invitations” and all your invites have been sent out.

Don’t you just love this little shortcut?

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