QR Codes, which stand for Quick Response Codes, are special bar codes that help your audience connect with your digital content faster and more effectively, capitalizing on the world’s 5 Billion + mobile users.

Now that’s a pie we definitely want a piece of!

One of the things that have turned advertisers to the web is the fact that people can complete an action (like a much-desired purchase) right there: see-want-buy-BOOM-you’re done.

How can print media compete with that?

With a savvy combination of the Internet’s immediate response with the presence of palpable, print media. QR codes are called ‘quick response’ for a reason; anyone with a smartphone or a tablet can  easily ‘read’ the code and access coupons, exclusive content, clues for a game or more information in real time.

You can create your own QR Codes for free almost anywhere online. Add it to the front or back of your postcard, include a hard-to-miss, tantalizing, headline and make your offer irresistible by making it time-sensitive.

Why use Postcards and QR Codes to Drive Sales?

Simple, postcards:

  • Are permanent: if the design is beautiful, funny, interesting or shocking enough -chances are people will keep them.
  • Are accessible: these bite-sized babies are easy to carry in a purse or a pocket.
  • Are effective: there is a reason they keep coming; they work!
  • Last longer: emails will continue to stack up, drop down and simply vanish from sight with new emails coming in and filters being set up; but physical mail stays put until sorted.
  • Are Affordable:  with 4over4.com you can print 50 for under $20. A Bargain y/y?

How To Drive Sales Using Postcards with QR Codes:

  • Create an amazing design on one side of the postcard and add a QR code on the other, making sure that each side spells out the benefit clearly: “Enter to Win an Ipad” “30% Discount on Your First Order”, etc.
  • Start with a sample group and mail just a few, improve your offer based on response.
  • Mail clients who have already purchased from you, with a special “VIP” coupon.
  • Offer a product with limited stock (this will make readers want to act quick!)
  • Release a new product inviting clients to come, details to event are only available through the QR code on the postcard.
  • Combine your efforts: Tweet about it, send them an email alert, post about it on Facebook and on your website.

Drive more sales and keep happy customers coming back for more!

This lovely example uses a very simple design prompting readers to continue a game online, aimed at small children:

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