If you’re tired of sending out business cards and other promotional materials and having no way to know how effective they have been or who to reward for sending you clients, your problems are over. Now, with ripcards, you can not only give out your business cards, but they can become a method of knowing exactly who referred which clients to you.

Say, for example, you are a hairdresser, realtor, or you have some other type of business that relies heavily on referrals. You hand out business cards or other materials and ask friends or clients to send you business. Unfortunately, when the next client walks through your door, you have no way to know if that new client was sent to you by another client, or if they just walked in off the street.

Now, you have a foolproof method of linking the business you have to new business, as well as a method of rewarding those who help you.

A ripcard is a card of practically any shape or size that has a perforated line through it. One side has your contact information and sales pitch. On the other side, half of the card is filled with information about you and your business, along with the name of the referring person. Both sides of the card have matching numbers so you can match the new client when they come in with the person who you originally asked to spread the word about your business. This way, you can reward that person with an appropriate discount or some other free offer.

A printing company like 4over4.com that does custom printing can work with you to create effective, attractive ripcards for your use. Further, the ripcard printing is easy as well and economical without sacrificing product quality.

Whether you’re the owner of a business who wants to promote your products or services, a manager charged with promotional responsibilities, or just a single person out to promote themselves, ripcards can be the answer, the difference between success and failure.

Ripcard printing is a custom printing job, but thanks to today’s technology, an online printing company like 4over4.com can do the job quickly, efficiently, and economically. A ripcard has proven itself as an effective promotional tool, far more effective than advertising, direct mail, and other avenues, and with a measurable method of tracking results.

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