Graduating is always a colorful, momentous experience. It is a moment worth celebrating and marking indelibly because it is the introductory prize for hard work and effort. Graduation is earned after putting years of effort into books, dedication to the consistency of attending classes, fighting off feelings of laziness and studying hard for tests. Graduation yard signs are a classic unforgettable way to mark that milestone – Class of 2020.



2020 has no doubt been one of the most tumultuous years we have had in a very long while. The Covid-19 pandemic has been the hallmark of every negative thing that can be said about 2020. Loss of lives, jobs, economic depression, and shelter-in-place rules have made us want to jump to 2021. However, even with those challenges final year students in whatever stage of school have weathered the storm and gone on to graduate.

Effective Yard Signs

The class of 2020 deserves a standing ovation and an extra ounce of respect for the resilience that they kept even when the conditions could not allow them. They put in the work, the effort especially when studying without the normal in-class supervision and passed enough to graduate. Their success should be plastered all over as a testament that even in opposing conditions, success is very much possible. Consider using a well-designed class of 2020 yard sign to congratulate the graduate and recognize them for their success which they fought for and keeping the self-discipline to complete their course. It is similar to the address sign for the yard. It is important to know the best designs that you should use because the color and the contents of the sign will greatly determine how effective the sign will be.


In 2018, researched on the effectiveness of signs and what should be used to make them more efficient. Their research revealed that using high contrast in text and color on your signs can boost responses by as much as 23%. Therefore, refrain from ordinary, blank yard signs and add that extra spice so that your graduate will feel the love and appreciation. Let us explore some creative examples of yard signs that have the pizzazz that will elicit more responses after being noticed from afar:

1Rustic wood yard sign


This yard sign is both creative and timeless. First and foremost, wood is very environment friendly and is naturally biodegradable. Wood does last a long considerable amount of time. Therefore, even when the sign eventually loses its chronological relevance as time progresses, the graduate will store it as a memory of the huge milestone they crossed.

Digital printing on wood also takes little time therefore a slow turnaround is the last thing you should be worried about. The fast setup that allows woodworkers to print quickly and easily and short turnaround time ensure that you get your products faster than any other material.

2Custom photo yard sign


If you want to take your tribute to the next level and make your graduate feel extra special, consider including a high definition photo of them on the yard sign. A photo and their name should be included in this design.

You also need to pay attention to the material that the details will be printed on. I recommend either aluminum or vinyl which can easily be found in any yard sign printing business.

According to printing experts, aluminum is lightweight, strong, and affordable. On the other hand, Vinyl is advantageous because it is affordable and very easy to transform. However, you should consider vinyl if the sign will be disposed of at a later time.

3Modern brush script


Think of the best, eye-catching calligraphy or font. That is the only thing that features in a modern brush script yard sign. The advantage is that once the font is done, nothing more is required. That means that it is simple. You know what they say about simplicity. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

You need to figure out the text that you intend to include in the yard sign. For example, “Congratulations, Sara Connor. Graduating  Class of 2020.†Having come up with the text, you can search the most creative fonts online or consult the services of a graphic designer. The designer will also advise you on the technicalities of color and contrast. Then you print your way to a happy graduate.

4Custom colored graduation class of 2020 sign


The custom colored sign is realized from the game of colors. If you are color blind, this might not be the appropriate sign for your graduate. Majorly, it consists of featuring text only on the sign. The text is of one color but the background has to be different.

You can also have different colors for various sentences such as “Congratulations-navy blue, Class of 2020-Jungle green, Sara Connor-Maroon and then have a light background such as white or pink. For the best results, you need to know how to merge light and dark colors.

5Spoilt for choice

When thinking of a Class of 2020 yard sign you are spoilt for choice because there is so much information that you can access such as how to electrify a yard sign. At 4OVER4 we offer custom yard signs, constructed of 4mm white coroplast which can effortlessly move from one location to the next and still maintain their durable and vibrant finish.  

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