Corporate gifting is important because it is an opportunity to display to your clients that you know them on a personal level and that their business ultimately matters to you. Personalized corporate gift ideas like branded notebooks and notepads are a powerful tool to advertise your brand while at the same time benefiting your customers in a great way. Keep in mind, Hubspot says that inbound marketing works only when a business places the needs of the customer first.


The festive season is right about the corner and giving is a very intricate part of it. The Christmas season is marked by giving gifts and receiving them. Amazing corporate gifts like calendars to print are thoughtful items that go a long way in building long-term relationships with your clients.

The effect of corporate gift ideas

It is a commonly known rule in sales that you have to be willing to give so that customers can respond in sales. Just remember when your printing company sent you a postcard with a cap, t-shirt,  or pen. How did it make you feel?

A successful corporate gift is one that cuts through the noise and makes a meaningful impact on that individual. It isn’t always about the price point as much as the thoughtfulness that goes into your gift. (

Forbes magazine wrote that companies that lead in customer experience outperform laggards by nearly 80%. Corporate gifts ensure that you give your clients and customers an experience that is worth remembering.

These are nice corporate gift ideas you should consider:


Custom Notebook

These are some of the ways custom branded notebooks like 3D Lenticular notebooks and notepads will benefit your customers:

They can keep a journal of their thoughts, experiences, and moments which makes the notebook more sentimental and attached to their emotions. I have a blue leather cover notebook from my insurance provider and I treasure it not only because of the thoughts and ideas I have in it, but also because it was a pleasant surprise. As it was hand-delivered to me by my agent who took note of the fact that I like notebooks. It's these little things that appear unimportant that leave lasting impressions with a brand and develops loyalty.

Plus, let's not forget how essential notebooks can be for those brainstorming meetings or art lessons. It's no surprise therefore why they've long been one of the preferred methods of creating brand awareness.

Your customers can also write business ideas that they have or ideas in general. Having written life-changing ideas on a notebook you gifted them, they are more likely to hold them dear and ensures customer retention.


Calendar to print

This strategy has been employed for many years but it never gets old or obsolete. There will always be a niche for calendars because as the saying goes, “Time is money” and to utilize it well people need to plan their year.

The relevance of a branded free calendar to print in people’s homes today cannot be overlooked. In a home people plan dates, family vacations, events, game nights, girls and guys night out and so much more. What a powerful way to influence the lives of your customers beyond business transactions!

Powerful designs are enough to keep the customers coming and even keep spreading the word. In our family there are calendars from a certain company that my parents loved. We had calendars from that company for more than ten years consecutively. My parents were loyal customers to that company for very many years.

The advantage of a calendar is that it gives you the opportunity to educate the world and your prospective customers about your business in detail. You can include different images and even client stories because you have more pages to your disposal.

Secondly, the calendar keeps your company information top of mind as people view it daily. This ensures that customers are connected to your company.


Custom mug

We all love mugs and we have our personal favorite at home which has images or brands that we like. Hot water, hot tea, or hot coffee especially during winter is a lifesaver. To capitalize on the coming season, a mug is a very thoughtful gift to your customers.

Custom mug printing ensures that your brand spreads across and give you the opportunity to exercise your creative muscles. Some people give mugs to their loved ones as a sign of love and appreciation by engraving loving words or affectionate images.

When your gift meets the needs of your buyers and customers touchingly, it inspires them to refer your company to others. 4OVER4 has given useful information on our blog on how much it costs for mug printing.

4Branded bottles

Branded bottle

Water bottles are a personal favorite to many people especially for those who want to keep their bodies hydrated.  Therefore, people carry classy water bottles everywhere they go especially in the workplace. Branded bottles are a powerful way to remind people about your company while meeting an essential need that people have which is quenching their thirst.


Branded cap

These promotional hats have been popular for a long time now and they don’t seem to become old-fashioned or obsolete any time soon. SK Promotional products blog says that promotional caps and hats are gender-friendly, versatile, affordable and most importantly they cater to the needs of everyone.

Caps are easy to customize which makes it easy for companies to express their own originality and brand depending on the purpose of the business. Like t-shirts, caps are long-lasting and durable, which means that they will remain relevant and continue to provide value for your clients in a long time while marketing your brand.


Custom pen

You probably have more than 10 promotional branded pens in your home and office. Over time we cannot keep count of the number of times we have received customized pens.

Here’s why they are still effective:

  • They are cheap
  • Wide variety to choose from
  • Client retention
  • Daily exhibition of your brand since on average we write every day


Custom T-shirt

Custom t-shirts are interesting walking posters that advertise your brand effectively. People love wearing t-shirts during weekends when attending events or going out.

According to, branded T-shirts are an excellent way for businesses to market their ideas.

These are some advantages of T-shirts:

  • Economical to produce
  • Longevity as they outlast any other promotional material.
  • Widespread brand recognition as your clients move all over with the custom t-shirts bearing your brand.


Always think about your customer and think of the best gift that could fit their needs. At 4OVER4 we have a lot of inexhaustible print ideas that will help you keep your partners, friends, and clients engaged.

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