Regardless of the industry you are in, it is important to keep evolving and adapting to new techniques. Your brand needs to grow in order to survive and for you to be able to stay afloat. It is therefore very important to consider changing up things every so often in order to stay relevant. For marketing especially, this could not be more accurate; and everyone running a profitable institution can attest to this. Since we have already answered the question ‘what are flyers’ in the past, let’s get into the discussion of four new trends in flyer printing that you need to consider in order to keep your flyers relevant and effective.

Flyer Printing Trends



1Great Flyer Printing

I always advise my fellow small business owners to leverage marketing tools that have been tried and tested- like flyers and business cards. These stand to bring in new clients and spread their brand far and wide. Even in a digital world, print marketing still has its place and it is important to note that free business flyer templates can help you cut costs by a lot.

2Bright Color Draws Attention to Your Flyers

Flyer printing is heavily reliable on the array of colors and how they are applied. Much consideration comes into play especially for a business like a restaurant. From the inside ambiance to the tables & food on display, the colors should be appealing and match- if not surpass- the expectations of clients. They should convey the message: "Come in for a memorable experience that will leave your taste buds yearning for more".

What comes to mind when you hear color? Beauty and expression, right? But what's in a color? To me, it's everything. I think things would be quite boring if it was all grey. The way you view a colored picture is often different from the way it appears in black & white. Color gives anything appeal especially a flyer. One can't resist gazing at a beautiful flyer or other marketing material. This then calls one to the attention of the words printed therein and there lies the catch. The more appealing a flyer the better the results. Expounding on the importance and value of color in a flyer would literally take me a lifetime but the long and short of it is that color adds a lot of oomph to any advertising platform.

3The Fonts On Your Flyers Should Stay Relevant

These vary from one flyer to another. Take for instance a digital flyer, the fonts don't have to be as large as those in a physical one. The similarity could be in the style of writing for example calligraphy on vanity flyers is more appealing as compared to an official font like Times New Roman. The latter works better for flyers geared towards appealing to an official class for instance an institution of higher education.

The size of the font also depends on the kind of product(s) being advertised. If the images of the contents therein are the main attraction then the fonts can be smaller and the whitespace bigger to fit on the flyer. This is mostly the case if the inscriptions are just a header, footer, or brand name of one product, in which case the product's image will take like 90% of the space in the flyer.

For more informative flyers, the case is different in that more words than images are put to use. The flyer could bear a modest-sized image or images therefore the words need to be more. Placed on a counter in a restaurant near a university, for instance, the available courses and registration dates need to be clear for all and sundry to read. The fonts need to be official so as to convey the kind of message the writings are conveying. Also, whether on a digital platform or physical flyer, fonts are quite important because words are a necessity.

4The Artistic Use of White Space

This is a very valuable tool in any kind of print, whether handwritten documents or printed ones. Just imagine the kind of confusion you'd go through if say, you saw an inscription like this: "PizzariasPizza" printed on top of a graphic of dessert overlapping with pizzas, burgers, and soda. This would look like a spelling mistake and a jumbled-up mess that would repulse rather than attract people to it however colorful the words or pictures are. Now picture the same inscription thus: "Pizzarias Pizza" scripted in bright shiny colors each letter bearing a different color and each graphic in a nice space of its own. “Wow!†Is the effect you'd have. Simply put, flyers are terrible without spacing as they'd not make any sense.

A flyer with excellent use of white space makes the message clearer and more effective. Whitespace can be used artistically whereby each letter can be spaced and written in a different style and also bear a different color to showcase the artist's expertise. It's impossible not to see the importance of white spacing, especially in a flyer. Nowadays this can be done quite artistically. The spacing can be done with different colors to produce a marvelous effect that can revolutionize the whole issue which is a big plus for your business. Also, the availability of custom size flyers gives you plenty of room to creatively employ white space.

5Using Images On Your Flyers

Images do more than words can. For instance, talking to someone over the phone has a different impression than doing so in person. An image especially in a flyer or banner does more than a million words would. This is because it leaves a lasting impression in the mind of the viewer. The best thing about images is that like literature, everyone sees everything differently.

When walking past a beautiful set of flyers advertising a restaurant just round the corner, words alone can't do the trick. A mouthwatering image of a double burger pulls one’s immediate attention to the restaurant's direction. Why is this so? It's been scientifically proven that the mind's eye is very imaginative and it's mostly activated by visual images. The image of the burger, for instance, communicates to the mind a message like: "I want a piece of that!" This message is then passed to the body and the taste buds and stomach are on standby mode. The image alone draws in impulse clients as well as those who had planned on coming in.

In the absence of images, it would take a lot of effort to attract and maintain your customer base. I would strongly advise anyone looking to make a lasting impression to do it with a picture. Embossed flyers are also a great method of taking the use of images to the next level. Find out how to print flyers so that you can know exactly what you need to do to get the perfect pieces.

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