It’s 2020 and stickers could not be more relevant especially with all that is going on in the world. Standard sticker can be used to spread any message effectively.

The demand for standard sticker

insights-on-standard-sticker Covid-19 has raised the demand for standard sticker designs which have been used to spread awareness and remind people to sanitize while keeping the distance. Politics is another high sticker demand industry with standard political campaign stickers and a voted stickers taking center stage. Some of the latest statistics indicate that the niche for stickers is only going to grow as the demand has been increasing over the years in the US and the globe. Technavio’s latest market research report predicts the global warning labels and stickers market will surpass revenues worth USD 10 billion by 2020, posting a moderate growth rate over the next four years. The following are some of the best smart sticker designs:

1Any shape kiss cut stickers


A kiss cut is slightly different from a die-cut. Die-cut means cutting according to the desired shape using a razor called a die. Kiss-cut on the other hand is when stickers are cut according to the desired shape, yes, but the stickers now peel off easily without leaving residue from the sheet.

Any shape kiss cut stickers are kiss cut according to the desired shape of the client. Some stickers assume the shape of a hand, a thumb, or any shape that represents your message. Let me demonstrate how these stickers can make your message stick.

If you want to spread awareness about the Coronavirus, you can have stickers that are shaped like the virus itself as represented by science. People will no doubt remember what it means and take all the precautions necessary to keep safe.

2Kiss cut stickers (standard shapes)


These are custom labels. I believe that custom labels are an essential component of any business branding. These stickers assume regular standard shapes. They breathe life into your products, unlike any other tool you can think of.

You can have the labels personalized to work as promotional items, giveaways, and personal gifts. The are no limits to creativity with Kiss cut stickers because you can create your own wine bottle, clothing, nutrition facts, beer labels, and more.  Another popular use is custom mailing labels. Having your own mailing label helps legitimize your business while inspiring confidence in customers.

Important nuggets to note are that these stickers attract attention, they introduce your brand to prospective buyers and convince buyers to close the purchase.

3Wonderfoil stickers


The wonderfoil stickers can also be referred to as foil stamped stickers. They are professionally printed foil stamped stickers that allow the mix of color and give a creative blend of shiny beauty.

These unique stickers present you with a kaleidoscope of bright hues carefully put together in a process called the Foil printing process. They are made out of multicolored metallic foil pressed into superior stickers with a powerful adhesive, which brings color to any event or campaign. At 4OVER4 is where you get wonderfoil business stickers exclusively.

4Diamond Glitter stickers


Did you know that diamond glitter stickers are made from the world’s only printable glitter sticker paper at 4OVER4? And like any diamond glitter product, they have a striking visual appearance and a desirable textural surface.

The process employed in their making eliminates glitter flaking and cracking. They have some interesting features that mark them out of the pack such as diamond glitter on the front,  white uncoated liner, nearly one dozen popular sizes, and custom sizes also available, 100% shed free glitter surface, full-color printing on the front, and fast turnarounds ranging from 0-5 days.

The biggest reason you should consider them is because they are friendly to the environment. The adhesives used are water-based allowing the glitter to dissociate from the base paper easily.

5Bumper stickers


I’m going to coin this as the moving, talking sticker. The most popular bumper stickers are custom bumper stickers because you can print any message that you would like to pass across. Your intention may be to raise awareness, to express your feelings, and in a politically charged environment, you can remind people to vote.

They work well on cars and trucks. According to the LA Times, there are 253 million cars and trucks in the US. Bumper stickers are a nice way to drive your message home when there are heavy traffic jams. The advantage is that you can get them in a custom-shaped and custom-sized manner well to your liking and preference.

6Roll stickers


Do you want to take your packaging to the next level and entice indifferent prospects? Custom shaped roll stickers/labels are the surest way to go.  They are cheap printed stickers on a roll and protect stickers from folded edges and tears.

You can have your company logo printed on them or customize party favors and so much more.

7Cartoons, funny characters and super hero stickers


These keep kids happy, proud, and inspired. I know there is a certain character that your kids love watching on the cartoons. You can have a custom-made kiss cut sticker that has that particular character for example Spongebob and have it stuck in their lunchbox or backpack.

With professional printing, you can get custom stickers that peel easily and leave no residue while not folding or cracking. Ensure you get water-resistant material so that they can endure the various rough environments as kids play.

8Endless options

We have highlighted some of the best stickers but it is worth noting that there are endless options when it comes to smart stickers. It all boils down to your preferences and your end goal. Ensure you consider durability, beauty, and getting a friendly adhesive. The message on the sticker will undoubtedly stick.

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