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This commemorative day was first introduced by the World Health Organization in 1988. This date on the calendar serves to make people aware of the health risks linked to tobacco. With this intention in mind, organizations around the world design World No Tobacco Day print campaigns to boost awareness strategies. 

According to the American Cancer Society, each year more than 480,000 people in the United States die from illnesses related to tobacco use. Not only does smoking tobacco increase the chances of developing cancer, it also affects a smoker’s health in many other ways.

World No Tobacco Day has evolved into an important date that generates awareness of tobacco related issues such as illegal trade, health hazards, and second-hand smokers. Every year talented designers, photographers, and illustrators come up with compelling No Tobacco Day campaigns that create a strong, visual impact. In honor of this day, we’ve gathered together some famous campaigns – print and digital – that are extremely creative and leave a lasting impression.

10 Anti-Smoking Print Campaigns That Kill It

World No Tobacco Day by Olly Hayes

This genius animated video invites smokers to free themselves from tobacco.


Grow Wise by Daniel Mair

The ‘Grow Wise’ campaign was an attempt to create a global symbol for the struggle to help bring children back to school, instead of going out to work in the tobacco plantations.

world no tobacco day print campaigns


Don’t Smoke, Don’t Even Start by Neha Chaudhary

In this poster, the smoke emitted from a cigarette turns into a skull, leaving the message that smoking leads to death.

no tobacco campaigns


Truth Campaign by Milenka Bebwell

This dynamic poster was designed for “Truth”, an organization that educates people about the hazards of smoking.

no smoke design


Smoking is Suicide by Kelly Ashcraft

This campaign transmits its message in a powerful way. The message is clear: a smoker will ultimately kill himself.

no smoking graphic design


Stop Abusing Your Body by Neogama/BBH

The ADSF (Associação de Defesa da Saúde do Fumante) in Brazil launched a print advertising campaign in 2008 reminding smokers of the effect tobacco use has on their heart, lungs, and stomach.

no tobacco awareness

What Does Smoking Cost? by Chris Sangiorgio

This campaign is aimed at giving smokers who are struggling to break the habit reasons to quit smoking.

no tobacco day art


Anti-Smoking Campaign by Goncalo Duarte

This ad brings to light the fact that “In France, 1 pregnant woman in 4 smokes. If you smoke, your child smokes, too “ in a very emotional way.

no tobacco day


Smoking Causes Bad Breath by Joni Kukkohovi

This billboard for Finnish Cancer Society is aimed at raising awareness about the side-effects of smoking.

anti smoking awareness


The New Scent of Solitude by Adam di Cristoforo

These adverts for a mock-perfume called ‘Solitude’ aim to stigmatize and discourage smoking particularly amongst female adolescents.

no smoking day art


Why World No Tobacco Day Campaigns Work

Anti-smoking ads are an effective way to show the drawbacks of every puff of tobacco a smoker takes. The ads featured above have an eye-catching approach that conveys a message in a straightforward way. In your opinion, which is the most attention grabbing anti-smoking campaign? How would you persuade smokers to quit?

The goal of these advertising campaigns is to leave smokers with a powerful message and encourage them to stop. Hard-hitting anti-smoking campaigns effectively raise awareness about the serious role that tobacco plays on one’s health. By speaking directly to smokers about their behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes in a shocking way, campaigns are more effective.

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