This hectic year is finally nearing its end and I’m sure we’re all glad. Doesn’t this in itself inspire you to send a majestic postcard to your loved ones? As much as everything got turned on its head, some things remain the same. One of these things is corporate gift-giving to wish colleagues, and employees happy holidays. Research by the Data & Marketing Association reports that Direct mail response rate is 5.1%.


The Art Of Corporate Gift Giving

It’s plain to see the benefits of sending out custom gifts and cards even though you should avoid marketing as there’s plenty of time for this. The pressure mounts when you are a small business trying to stay one step ahead of your competition.

There are many things you may get your loyal clients and even acquaintances of your business. To help you out, here’s a list of nine luxury corporate gift ideas for small businesses.

1Golf Boxes

Many people enjoy a relaxing game of golf so it's hard to go wrong by getting custom golf boxes for your clients. Inscribe a message of warmth and gratitude and you will endear yourself to their hearts. Your name might even come up the next time they putt and this translates into more business for you!


2Majestic Postcards

For the festive season, nothing quite says tradition and sparks warmth like a postcard. Bring in the luxurious aspect by browsing our line of majestic postcards. When you finalize this with a personal handwritten message, you will strike a chord in your recipient's hearts for sure.


33D Lenticular Notebooks

Edgy and unique, getting your clients 3D Lenticular notebooks will help spread your name like wildfire. I once received a set of sample business cards and among them was a 3D lenticular one. Each time I show this collection to people, the 3D lenticular card gets the most attention. Imagine how great a client would feel having such a unique conversation starter for a notebook and you will see why you should not pass this opportunity up.


4Die Cut Any Shape Postcards

With die-cut any shape postcards, you have the opportunity to be chic and unique as you send season's greetings. Make the message you want to pass truly special and different by ordering a set in the shape of your signature product. Die cuts never fail to amaze your clients. You can get the price quote instantly and budget for them in good time to avoid the last-minute rush.


5Diamond Glitter Postcards

Get irresistible diamond Glitter finish on your postcards and you will get a top spot on many people's tabletops, shelves, and mantels. It's hard to ignore the subtle yet sophisticated look of diamond glitter postcards so if you order a batch of these, each person who receives one will feel special. They are durable, inexpensive, and amazing to boot. You can therefore get something that your clients will remember you for.


6Gift Certificates

Gift-giving cannot be complete without the mention of gift certificates. They are a gift that will give something extra and if someone gets themselves something they wanted, it will be similar to you getting it for them. 


7The Prestige Collection

It's all in the name, and you know you can't go wrong if you pick something out of the prestige collection. From business cards to postcards, you can get a whole line of prints and pair them as you send. When someone receives a prestigious business card accompanying a prestigious postcard, there's a good chance they will tell anyone who asks that you got the lovely pieces for them.


93D Lenticular Bookmarks

If you run a bookstore, 3D lenticular Bookmarks would be the perfect gift for your clients. A pretty bookmark or two should impress any corporate client who is also a bookworm. You can be sure that it will be amongst their special collection if they do have one. Like I mentioned above, lenticular prints are a cut above the rest and will make you come across as discerning.


10Velvet Laminated Products

Another chic and elegant finish, velvet laminated products will impress your recipients a lot. They feel as good as they look and you can just imagine how happy your clients will be receiving them. Gorgeous and soft, you will have your clients reward your efforts with loyalty to your brand!


11Set the Standard of Epic Gift Giving

I hope that this list helped you get an idea of what to get your clients over the approaching festivities. It is as simple as this; to inspire loyalty to your brand, send gorgeous and thoughtful gifts. You could even pair some of the items; golf box with a postcard or notebook with a bookmark. Don't ever let anybody tell you that it's not a big deal. People love receiving gifts and if you do it right, you just might triple your market reach in a few short months!

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