Sometimes, we tend to associate a certain product with its logo, a jingle and even an experience in our lives, but nothing will make you remember a brand like  funny ads.  A humorous print ad will stay in your mind and you’ll probably show it to someone close to you, or even share it through your social media networks -everyone loves a lugh!

That’s why we decided to create a list with the  10 print ads that will surely make you smile and hopefully jump-start your own mind (for your own rib-busting a)

1. Blackstar Panda


For those of you who aren’t familiarized with this brand, they make functionals bikes out of bamboo as their main construction material, so this ad it’s a humorous take on what might happen if you park your bike next to a panda.

2.  Volia Broadband

Funny-¨Print-Ads-Volia BroadBand

This is what happens when your internet connection is as fast as the wind.

3. Kayaking Jumbo Peanuts

Funny-Print-Ads-2013 -Kayaking-

This print advertising shows us that even an elephant might choke on Kaya King’s jumbo peanuts; they’re so big!

4.  Fresh Step Cat Litter


With Fresh Step’s litter,  not  even your cat will be able to smell where his litter box is. (Poor Kitty!)

5.  Wolf Hot Sauce


Looking for super hot sauce?

6.  3M Privacy Filter for Mobiles


If you’re as tired as the rest of us, to find creative ways of trying to hide what you read, search or maybe to whom you’re texting, 3M’s privacy filter will give you all the privacy you need, without resorting to drastic measures (or so they say!).

7. Personal Up Toilet Paper

Funny Print Ads Santher_Scout

When nature calls in the worst places… Maybe, next time he’ll get a new pin, what do you think?

8.  Soflan

Funny-Print-Ads -softland-Wrestling-

Not even sweat can overpower the smell of Soflan in your clothes, and they’ll stay as soft as a pillow. Just try not to fall asleep in the middle of your match.

9. Utopolis Cinema Theaters 

Funny Print Ads-utopolis-freewilly-

Reality sucks, avoiding it is critical. Just maybe don’t imitate everything you see on TV or the movies… Ouch!

10. Listerine

Funny Print Ads Ambulance Listerine

A picture that truly speaks more than a thousand words…

Those are some of the best and most humorous print ads of 2013. Did your favorite make the cut? Which one do you prefer? Let us know  which ones you liked the most.

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