10 Design Tips to Consider Before Business Cards Printing


People believe that business cards designing and printing is one of the easiest tasks. Do you know that apart from sharing contact information, the visiting card also creates an impression of your brand? If you have no idea about business card printing, your card’s final output might differ with the photoshop design you had seen […]

How Many Business Cards Does an Entrepreneur Need

What is a business card? It is primarily a smaller version of your resume. The business cards reveal your identity. From who you are to what you do and how to connect with you, it tells everything to your prospects and customers. The uniqueness of the cards like paper stock quality, colors, etc. also helps […]

Matte vs Glossy Business Cards: Which Is Better?

Business cards play a critical role in your marketing and advertising strategy. They help build brand awareness, give you more credibility, and reveal your company’s personality in a small portable package. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, companies reported a sales increase of 2.5% for every 2,000 business cards passed out.  But not all […]

Personalized Gift Ideas for Her – Create Memorable Moments

Do you have a special woman in your life? At a loss for ways to make her feel special? Perhaps she is celebrating a big birthday or work milestone. Whatever the occasion, consider personalized gifts when deciding what to get her. Gifts like a personalized birthday, mother’s day gift, anniversary or Christmas gift convey a […]

Best Places to Leave Business Cards to Promote Your Business

Business cards are powerful promotional tools. When building awareness for your business, there are a few better ways, if any, to get your name out there. However, for business cards to be effective, they must be designed well, printed on quality paper, and distributed strategically.  It’s important to start your promotional tactics with the design […]

Matte Vs Glossy Brochure: Which is Better for Print?

Brochures are the most tried and tested marketing tool that has the power to compete with the technology-driven world. Between matte vs glossy brochure, which is better? Both are considered a hot commodity due to its ability to communicate vital company or product info effectively. The custom brochure printing allows you to cover a lot […]

Plastic Business Cards Over Paper and Some Inspiring Designs

The paper and the plastic business cards differ in several aspects, but you may also consider them as two sides of a coin. The transparent business cards are becoming the recent trendsetters in marketing, and you must have seen this outstanding promotional tool earlier. The versatility of the business cards makes it mandatory to be […]

2017 Typography Trends: 10 Spring Fonts to Freshen Up Your Designs

spring fonts 2017

Typography goes further than just picking a font. It’s the art of creating and arranging text in a visually pleasing way. Not only do following typography trends help you make a great first impression, it also sets the mood of your piece and conveys the season feeling. As you may already know, typography in graphic […]

10 Must-See TED Talks For Designers:


10 TED talks for designers to fuel your love of design, inspire you for your next project and learn from seasoned designers that made it big in the world.

15 Retro Fonts for the Hipster in You

free hipster font

Retro fonts. We liked them before it was cool. These 15 fonts are free or low cost and work with a myriad of print and web design projects. Hipster or not.