Making Your Own Cheap Business Cards That Don’t Look It

In today’s economy, one thing stands out: save, save, save. Every business is experiencing cut-backs or budget cuts in all areas, and if you’re and entrepreneur or a freelancer you are probably doing the same thing – finding ways to maximize. Business cards or personal cards are just things that need to get printed in order to get more customers.

Gift Ideas for Friends

It occurs to me, that a great gift for these friends is a photo album, or a set of photos from all the things that you’ve done with each other this year- or even, since you first met. You start looking through old photos, and print them out as an album; or even send them a package with loose photos for them to arrange.

Green Printing with Business Cards

It seems like there’s a constant movement towards greener initiatives, and the printing industry is not left behind. However, there’s a notion that business cards have to have superior paper quality and superior rigidity to reflect how professional a business is. This of course, is not true at all. Many businesses have started using recycled or uncoated paper to produce their business cards; and they still make it work!

Alternative Gifting

for alternative-gifting why not consider gifting books this year? Although, books do come from trees, the experience of reading from a book is something that is unmatched. And if you have children, nieces, and nephews that have not yet developed a reading habit- books could be a great gift. They would be a much better option than a set of socks, however fuzzy they are.

Christmas Greeting Cards

So it’s Christmas is finally here… again. And it is the season to start thinking about what kind of greeting cards you want to send off to everyone! There are a lot of great designs out there; everything from the sweet and heartfelt to the funny and borderline offensive. Now which to choose?? You can […]

Thanksgiving Cards

When you think about giving thanksgiving greeting cards, you can might want to consider personalized ones through a company that offers greeting card printing. This is after all a special day, so what better way to let those you care about, with a special little something, like a personalized greeting card.

Thanksgiving Stickers

Since the stickers below are snoopy stickers, you can use them specially for the kids attending your Thanksgiving dinner and make it fun for them. You can make stickers for any holiday, including Christmas which is also creeping up!

Recycled & Uncoated Paper

Green printing is about taking all printing to a greener level. With paper, inks and the whole process involved. When you use recycled paper, you are assured that it’s not virgin paper- a new tree did not have to cut down for it. Another option is using uncoated paper which allows makes your printed product 100% recyclable- don’t worry about contributing to landfills, with uncoated paper, it is reprocessed to be used again.

4 Things to Consider in your Banner Design

1. Pick a message you want to convey and do it as few words as possible

2. Choose impactful words to get your message through

3. Use simple images that will catch your audience’s attention

4. Keep the banner design simple- don’t overcrowd

Photoshop Brushes

Well not to lessen a graphic designers trade, getting great designs is not as hard as it may seem. If you’re wondering how they get such great effects on their posters or banners, the answer is quite simple: Photoshop Brushes!

Trade Show Banners

Trade Shows are so busy, that it is quite hard to stand out if you don’t have the proper tools.

Each booth implements a different design and different ways to catch the audience’s attention. As a Trade Show participant, this is a great opportunity for you to network, and acquire a large number of potential clients; of course, for this to happen, it is absolutely necessary to implement the adequate visual tools to attract them.

Starting Your Own Kiosk

As a business, kiosks are extremely convenient and a great option for a start-up. Clearly I am not referring to franchise businesses, but rather a business of your own.

Sizing For My Custom Poster

The typography and measurements of a poster or large format print should be calculated for an adequate visualization; things such as distance, and the velocity in which the potential observer is traveling should be taken into account.

Tips For Your Portfolio

As a graphic designer one of the more challenging feats is attracting customers. There are two mediums to achieve this: a web based portfolio and a physical portfolio.