5 Creative Marketing Materials to Show Off Your School Pride

school banners

School marketing materials are clever tools to convey a message to students, parents and the entire community. Our blog post features cost-effective ways to make the most of your next print strategy. Keep reading to find out how to WOW the crowd and make your school pride shine.

Is Eco-friendly printing possible?

professional green printing

Going green is possible even in the print advertising and graphic design industries. Get to know what Green Printing is all about and how you can use it to help the environment.

Decorating on a Dime with Mounted Wall Art and Canvas Prints

Don’t just stop at photography printing, take your one of a kind artwork and turn your home or office into a studio using stretched canvas printing. You can even get your kids in on it! Turn their finger painting into wall art to rival that of Picasso. Create a home and office environment that speaks volumes about your passion and the people that are most important to you.

Printing Products

While a young girl or boy might initially be attracted to a bright poster or print-out featuring their favorite characters, it usually takes more than pure visual appeal to capture a child’s attention for an extended period of time.

Online Printing and Color Use

Choosing a supplier forcompany printing is the first decision to make. Consider ordering from an online printing company for the next project.

Online Printing – Features and Benefits – 085

A printing business can offer tremendous return on investment, especially online printing companies which take orders online and return accurate, high-quality print orders at a surprisingly low cost and turnaround time.

Envelope Printing for Business Use – 083

When printing business envelopes, it is important to remember that this is also a communication vehicle, and often will create a “first impression” with your client or customers.

Door Hangers that Work – 079

Creating door hangers that work is easy when you keep a few little pointers in mind. The purpose of a door hanger is to garner attention without being just tossed in the trash.

Online Printing: Quick information about printing technology – 006

Online Printing has become more popular in the past few years, the printing technology has become very advanced with several options available for printing as well. Printing is important for all companies and the right technology should be used to provide the best print job that will give your company the desired image.

Printing Online – Bookmarks

What a cool way to love a book – giving it some company while it waits for the reader. A bookmark has always been that for a book. Believed to date back to medieval times in the early 1500’s, when a disc made of a material called Vellum or leather was used to set aside a place on a page to return to. This was especially popular, at that time, for the writers or authors of books.

Magnet Printing

One of the easiest ways to add the power of a sign to promote a product or a business is with business printing on magnetic calendars, business cards, refrigerator magnets and more. There are designs for custom commercial quality advertising media for use on car magnets and magnetic signs to name just a few business printing applications that are available to order from a printing company.

The Advantages of Online Printing

Online Printing. You heard of it. Chances are you have used it at some point for you or your business. But, are there real advantages when put against normal printing services? Well, as it happens with everything, there are always pros and cons; in this case, I strongly believe there are more pros than cons.

Print Under The Bed

This would be an ideal set up for you kids that are still afraid of the monsters under the bed (of course, if this is for your kids you might want to scratch the “monsters under the bed” idea).

Playroom & Vinyl Stickers

Now if you don’t to have a dark play room (inevitably a Chalk board is either dark gray or green), you can cover the walls with vinyl wall paper and create a white board instead!

Art with 2 by 4’s

So these might actually fit better with 1×4’s, but imagine the design possibilities with these things.

Chalk Board Wall Paper

If you’re someone that usually has many things going on, or with a million ideas floating around all the time in your head, then chalk-board-wall-paper would be absolutely perfect.

Bokeh Photography

Bokeh is a photography style which purposefully blurs areas of an image or where the lens renders out-of-focus points of light. The origin of this terms comes from the Japanese word boke, which means blur or haze.

4 Inspiring Christmas Design Tools

Use the Vintage Santa Brushes to create absolutely marvelous Christmas Designs, or use the snowflakes brush to complement the abstract deer image!

15 Snowflake Brushes

15 Snowflake brushes for Christmas!Create Greeting Cards, Postcards, Magnets, Posters, or anything you can think of with these brushes!Use them to complete your Christmas giftwrapping, or use them as nice little details for jam bottles, napkin holders, or even tree ornaments.

Christmas Brushes and Patterns for Photoshop

Looking to design your own Christmas greeting cards or Christmas postcards? Get these brushes and get right on it! Also: 15 Snowflake Brushes 7 Christmas Text Brushes for Photoshop Amazing Christmas Tags for Photoshop 4 Inspiring Christmas Design Tools

Thansgiving Place Cards

If you’re doing this last minute, there is no need to worry! Just go outside and pick up some leaves off the ground, and sharpie you’re guests’ name in. It’ll look spectacular, and no one has to know that you did it last minute.

Thanksgiving Place Settings

So you’re having people over for your Thanksgiving Dinner, instead of picking up brand new plates and flatware use what you already have stocked in your kitchen, combined with a Little creativity and you’ll get a splendid set-up.

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

If you’ve gone all out thinking about place settings and place cards, you would have naturally thought about including a centerpiece on your dinner table. There are several different styles and designs available, and a great design does not necessarily always mean you have to spend a lot of money.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

For young kids, coloring pages are the perfect distraction.

Out in a restaurant or at home, coloring pages will distract for at least an hour.

So, if your business caters to lots of children; make sure you keep a stock of these things around at all times!

5 Thanksgiving Brushes

So Thanksgiving is practically here! If you haven’t gotten the decorations on the way yet, not to worry! We’ve got some Thanksgiving Photoshop Brushes for you!

Holiday Gifting: Paper Pots

So it’s that time again… think about thoughtful gifts to give to everyone that you care about. This is actually a lot of work, enjoyable work, but work none the less. So here’s a great idea that you can use for all your friends and family this year: Upcycled Nursing Pots with different sprouting plants! […]

Making Paper at Home

When we were young, we were practically ecstatic to be making out own paper, more than likely because we thought that if we could make our own paper we would always have an endless supply of drawing paper. If you were like me, I was somewhat disappointed of the end result. Instead of getting a smooth white piece of paper that I had hoped to get, I got this grayish, uneven, lumpy piece of cardboard

Creative Gift Wrapping

wrap all your gifts in newspaper! Sure, it sounds a little unappealing, but get those colorful funny papers for the kids, and use the Style section for your daughter or wife, and the Sport section for your husband or father. Use a different section of the newspaper for a different person, and it’ll seem like perfect personalized gift wrapping.

Christmas Posters

Remember that on this special season of the year, you can decorate your home, yard, and garden with any kind of material available. Try placing some Christmas Posters and make the perfect environment for your whole family!

Personalize your Christmas Cards!

You can either make your own Christmas cards or postcards, either with greeting card printing, or postcard printing. And of course, there’s the obvious option of going to a greeting card store, and purchasing several different ones. But if you don’t want your family and friends to receive standard greeting cards, you can start creating your own personalized designs for them.

What to do With Thanksgiving Leftovers

What to do With Thanksgiving Leftovers – When the dinner has died out, you could start packaging the leftovers in these thoughtful little boxes. Now, if you get personalized long labels, that are blank and simple; you could reuse these for Christmas and all sorts of occasions.

Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

If you’re thinking about sending Thanksgiving Greeting Cards to everyone you won’t get to see this year, check out these color palettes.  They are a perfect match to fall colors, the second one is slightly warmer than the first one, but they will both do wonders for your Greeting Cards.

Thanksgiving Jam Labels

Thanksgiving is creeping up, you’ve probably already started planning how you’re going to roast the turkey this year, how to make your potatoes, yams, gravy, sweet carrots, rolls, and everything else involved. But have you considered getting some simple favors for your guests? Or the other way around, if you’ve been invited to attend one or several thanksgiving events, have you thought about what to take with you?