The Ultimate 4OVER4 Father’s Day Gifts For 2020

Dads will always be easy going and act like they want nothing special for their day but truth be told, our fathers deserve all the love in the world. This is the guy who took up a full-time job to take care of you. They might not be your biological dad but they stepped up. […]

How Buck Slips Can Help Your Nonprofit Fundraise

Do you know a buckslips definition? The term buck slip was coined from its size, which was initially that of the US dollar bill, hence the term, ‘buck,’ but as they continued being used, they continued to vary in size. As of now, they measure 8.5” x 3.5” or even smaller. Bucks slips are small […]

How to Turn Your Business Cards into Promotional Material?

Matte finish black color business card

The business cards are like small brochures that you hand out even without comprehending it. Just check out the stash on your desk and stacks lying in the drawer or wallet. You can find the cards in all places. Whether mini cards or over-sized ones, round-oval, or red-blue, they are available in various shapes, sizes, […]

Waterproof Labels – Sticker Printing Needs and Uses

The product’s appearance plays a vital role in the modern world of marketing. People examine the products several times, even before it reaches the store shelves. As soon as the product is launched, the buyers start their research work. It is because there are several companies offering similar products with different names. In such neck […]

10 Best Perfectly Personalized Birthday Gifts Ideas

The day is fast approaching. Yet as of now, you are still scrambling to find that perfect gift. When a special person in your life is having a big birthday, you need to put extra thought and care into their birthday gift. Have you considered customizing a gift in their honor? Personalized birthday gifts are […]

Personalized Gift Ideas for Husband – A Way to His Heart

He may be your best friend, but for some reason, you find yourself racking your brain to think of a gift your husband will like.  Personalized gifts, such as custom bookmarks, personalized keychains, or even custom picture puzzles, can make your husband– or any man in your life – feel special and loved. Fortunately, we’ve […]

How to Participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October, individuals and corporations around the world come together to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This month serves as an annual international health campaign. Its primary purpose is to inform people about the higher risk of breast cancer in women and raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, treatment, diagnosis, and cure. […]

10 Fundraising Ideas to Try Before 2016 Ends

fundraising ideas

Holiday Marketing is a Golden Opportunity for Nonprofits to raise funds for their causes. Did you know that 29% of giving in 2015 occurred in December and 11% took place during the last three days of the year? – according to a report by Network for Good. This means you must take advantage of the […]

5 Fundraising Event Ideas for Your Nonprofit Organization


Fundraising events are essential for every non-profit organization. However, there is no doubt planning these gatherings is risky and time-consuming. Successful events depend on having the right know-hows and skills to manage your resources and execute a plan. When it comes to successful fundraising campaigns for your organization, you must be creative – step outside […]