Custom postcards: Templates Vs. Design from Scratch

Postcards are a powerful and versatile tool that can seek business from both prospective and existing customers. According to 57% of people, custom postcard marketing or postcard mailers create dependable and trustworthy relationships. It is because printing custom postcards for business is cost-effective, and it is not a pushy way to enhance sales. You can […]

Top 10 Ways To Be Creative With Custom Postcards

Postcards are a very versatile form of print and as such, you can do virtually anything with them. You can exercise creativity based on how exactly you want to use them. Since there are so many ways to do so, let’s evaluate below 10 ways to be creative with custom postcards depending on their purpose. […]

10 Thoughtful Gifts for Hanukkah 2019 to Ensure a Smile

The Jewish Festival of Lights, Hanukkah is not about gift-giving. But who says, you cannot spend and shower gifts to your folks while you celebrate the festival of lights? If you are looking for thoughtful gifts for Hanukkah 2019, here is a list that can bring a smile on the faces of your loved ones. […]

Personalized Gift Ideas for Her – Create Memorable Moments

Do you have a special woman in your life? At a loss for ways to make her feel special? Perhaps she is celebrating a big birthday or work milestone. Whatever the occasion, consider personalized gifts when deciding what to get her. Gifts like a personalized birthday, mother’s day gift, anniversary or Christmas gift convey a […]

Personalized Gifts Idea that Will Make Their (Special) Day

Searching for the perfect personalized gifts for your friends and family? We’ve got you covered with fun items like teddy bear wrapping paper! Those you love and cherish are anything but an afterthought. So why should your gifts be? It’s time to find those perfect custom gifts. Nothing beats a gift with a personal touch. […]

Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

There’s no better feeling than witnessing the excitement on a loved one’s face after they open a Christmas gift from you. This holiday season skip the gift cards and opt for something a little more personal with custom gifts from 4OVER4. There’s no better way to show you care than to put time and effort […]

17 Essential and Attractive Holiday Card Fonts | 4OVER4.COM

Creativity blossoms during the holidays – there’s something about the extra indoor time and lights that makes it the perfect time of the year to really spend time on all kinds of projects, whether for customers or loved ones, with a rekindled spirit. A tried and true way to dazzle in the holiday season is […]

Custom Holiday Cards Ideas and Inspirations for Business

Any holiday season is about showering love and showing gratitude, and the custom holiday cards greeting are the best way to express it. Not just in personal lives, even the businesses ensure to find unique ideas to thank the customers for their continuing support and loyalty. The holiday season is an exciting opportunity for the […]

5 Impactful Takeaways From the Life of Christopher Columbus

With Christopher Columbus Day 2019 right around the corner, we’ve decided to review the personality of Christopher Columbus, aside from the consequences of his discovery. After all, we can draw conclusions and learn a lot from his story for both our own lives and businesses.  It turns out there’s more to Christopher Columbus’ life than […]

5 Essential Corporate Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for 2019

Every year Thanksgiving reminds us to be grateful for our family and the moments we share. But, what about our second family – people we work with and our business partners? In this post, we’ll discuss the ingredients for the perfect corporate Thanksgiving celebration, including gifts! By expressing gratitude to your team on days like […]

7 Smart Ways to Enjoy a Halloween Party at Home

There are so many great and scary options when it comes to Halloween party ideas for adults, Jack-o-Lantern being one of the most common. However, most of them involve lots of people and hours of preparation, which is not an excellent option for those of us who work the next day.  October 31st comes on Thursday […]

Your CORPORATE shopping on Cyber Monday 2019

After a busy and very active Black Friday spent shopping for great deals, we can finally relax at a “pajamas shopping party.” You are probably thinking, what is that, but I’m talking about Cyber Monday 2019. One of the reasons why you should love black Friday and Cyber Monday deals is because you can shop […]

5 Custom Print Ideas for International Youth Day

international youth day

Since 1999, International Youth Day is celebrated on August 12th. The goal is to raise awareness and promote peace among young people around the world. Check out these custom print ideas for some inspiration.

Easter Egg-Hunt Ideas for Kids: How to Plan a Memorable Event

Easter Egg-Hunt Ideas

Year after year, children excitedly await Easter Sunday for the most festive of celebrations that comes with it: the egg hunt! Whether you’re 10 or 50, ingeniously executed Easter egg-hunt ideas are delicious and delightful enough to get everyone involved— there’s no thrill similar to discovering a beautifully decorated egg cunningly tucked away in a hiding spot. […]

Easter DIY Ideas: Create Your Own Prints

easter DIY ideas

Get inspired to bring your projects to life with these Easter DIY ideas. Surprise your friends and family this year with our Easter inspired printables and plan an unforgettable egg hunt.

10 Fundraising Ideas to Try Before 2016 Ends

fundraising ideas

Holiday Marketing is a Golden Opportunity for Nonprofits to raise funds for their causes. Did you know that 29% of giving in 2015 occurred in December and 11% took place during the last three days of the year? – according to a report by Network for Good. This means you must take advantage of the […]

12 Perfect Custom Print Gifts for the Holiday Season

custom print gifts

Want to give your loyal clients, friends and family members a meaningful Christmas gift that showcases your heartfelt appreciation for them? If you want to give them something unforgettable, custom print gifts are the way to go! The more personal the gift, the more significant it will be for the recipient. Find New Custom Print […]

Creative Christmas Cards to Stand Out From The Crowd

christmas postcard

If you want to make a striking impression this holiday season, get creative and unconventional! Whoever says Christmas Cards are outdated has definitely not discovered the fabulous world of custom printing! A research published by Royal Mail found that 75% of people would prefer to receive a traditional card this Christmas. Only 9% would prefer […]

10 Creative Holiday Party Favors You Need This Season

holiday party favor ideas

Whether you are planning a big corporate event or hosting a personal Christmas party at your home for family and friends, holiday party favors make any celebratory event truly special.  Since the season revolves around food and drinks, you should consider giving guests personalized favors like wine and water bottles. Practical party favors are also much […]

Corporate Gift Ideas: Top 10 Holiday Goody Bag Items for 2016


The holidays are the ultimate time of year to increase your branding efforts and we have some corporate gift ideas to help you out with that! As you know, it is extremely important that you build a relationship with your audience, instead of simply offering a commercial exchange. Having said that, we know planning any […]

7 Thanksgiving Print Tools to Try in The Classroom


Hey teachers! The holidays are around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about some creative Thanksgiving print tools to get students excited for the season! Get off the beaten path by coming up with innovative activities that will give your students the chance to learn, have fun, and fuel their imagination. The good […]

Seasonal Marketing: 5 Print Products for This Holiday Season


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and as a business owner, you know exactly what that means! It’s time for some attention-grabbing seasonal marketing tactics. And as it turns out, you are just in time to put your holiday strategy together. Thanksgiving Marketing: Traditional Print Products With a Twist Here are five of the most […]