Sales Presentation Boxes – Smart Ways to Retail Packaging

Even the best of companies or salespersons need to explain to customers why their service or product is the best choice in the industry. In such cases, sales presentation boxes help customers to understand a brand/company easily. However, the design of these printed cube boxes is a vital factor in attaining success. If you cannot […]

10 Corporate Identity Design Ideas for 2017

brand identity

A great corporate identity is far more than an eye-catching logo, the perfect color combination, and elegant typography. Your brand identity should represent your company’s values and communicate your key brand goals – such as the philosophy, mission, and image. A well-designed corporate identity design is important in today’s business world as brands seek ways […]

10 Must-See TED Talks For Designers:


10 TED talks for designers to fuel your love of design, inspire you for your next project and learn from seasoned designers that made it big in the world.

How EyeEm Missions Revolutionize Stock Images


EyeEm is a marketplace to capture, exchange and share inspiring high-quality stock photographies for personal or commercial use under mission requests. Find out more about this new player in the stock image world and how to benefit from it.

Design Trends 2015 Expert Predictions

The scoop on design trends -the 2015 edition. Everything that experts say will grow this year and that you should definitely try or keep an eye on. Get the 411 right here ->

Exciting Trends Designers Can Expect in 2014

Graphic design trends for 2014 that will change the face of print and web design. From postcards, promotional t shirts, posters and invitation envelopes to personal sites and professional apps! You can’t miss them!

Online Printing – Features and Benefits – 085

A printing business can offer tremendous return on investment, especially online printing companies which take orders online and return accurate, high-quality print orders at a surprisingly low cost and turnaround time.

Envelope Printing for Business Use – 083

When printing business envelopes, it is important to remember that this is also a communication vehicle, and often will create a “first impression” with your client or customers.

Trifold Brochure Guide – 082

Brochures are effective and versatile marketing tools. You can put them in the mail, personally hand them to people, leave them in strategic places and use them in a variety of ways.

Label Printing for Cans and Jars – 080

If you are selling products that are in a food, beverage, or health/beauty category, be sure to adhere to relevant packaging laws before you attempt to design and order label printing or sticker printing.

Door Hangers that Work – 079

Creating door hangers that work is easy when you keep a few little pointers in mind. The purpose of a door hanger is to garner attention without being just tossed in the trash.

Online Printing is Great – 047

 Printing business forms, tri-fold brochures, flyer or cards is about as simple as possible for the buyer nowadays. Plus printing online saves money because it saves time.