Smart Marketing Using Direct Mail Postcards

source Do you own a small business and want to start marketing it? Well, no need to worry about a huge budget. As you can see in this video, this small business owner has already formed an effective marketing strategy using postcards. It is so simple and realistic considering the current global economic situation. Direct […]

How Well Is Your Brochures Design Done

source What do your customers think of your brochures? Would you like to know? In this video, you get to see up-close how the work of a random graphic designer is scrutinized. It is always important to work with a professional. At 4OVER4, we care enough to ensure that not only do we do proper […]

Customized Letterheads to Show Your Authenticity

source Letterheads might seem old fashioned, but they actually add the element of authenticity to business documents. The letterhead printing asserts your authority and makes customers trust your brand. Choose from the Best Letterheads Design With so many styles of letterhead out here, it should become clear why having the right one is so important […]

Why You Should Order Business Cards for Your Family

In a face to face set up, business cards play the most time-honored and essential role. A family-owned business is one of the most excellent examples to order business cards. Do you know why? It is because advertising your family business in a local community with cheap business cards can effectively spread the word and […]

Preparing Your Employees For Post Covid Norms At Workplace

We have to face it. We are going to have to tackle the pandemic head-on. Necessity is the mother of invention and we have learned a lot when it comes to innovation. COVID-19 has proven to be the greatest litmus test for everyone including businesses. The world is not going back to normal because we […]

How Cheap Business Cards Help To Expand Your Reach

Time and again we’ve heard of the importance of getting business cards made. They are your representatives when you’re far, and they help share your details. They are the first face of your business that most people will see. For these reasons, it is wise to invest in them from the initial stages of your […]

Custom postcards: Templates Vs. Design from Scratch

Postcards are a powerful and versatile tool that can seek business from both prospective and existing customers. According to 57% of people, custom postcard marketing or postcard mailers create dependable and trustworthy relationships. It is because printing custom postcards for business is cost-effective, and it is not a pushy way to enhance sales. You can […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Online Printing Service

Any campaign for your marketing is incomplete without hiring an online printing company. No matter how many online advertising options you have, the products and services are best displayed to customers when you customize your prints. Fulfill your marketing needs by seeking the help of professional online printing services. The standard marketing materials that people […]

Which Business Card Styles are Best for C Suite Executives?

We are edging towards a completely virtual world where the physical elements are mostly non-existent. In spite of all such promises and challenges, business cards are consistently staying popular, and C Suite Executives need it the most. What are the best business card examples? A card that has an equal balance of white space, color, […]

What Styles of Business Cards are Best for Creatives

Are you a graphic designer, an artist, or a photographer? Whatever creative profession you may be in, your business cards must be simple enough to show your skills and talent. It must reflect your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking ability. Whether online or offline assets, make your cards as creative as possible. By working rightly on […]

10 Ways to Grow Your Business with Business Cards

The business cards are the primary resource leading to your successful business. It is a significant tool for business marketing. Today, every business is turning to a digital medium for promotions, but the creative business cards near you are irreplaceable. Digital tools cannot fully be a substitute for visiting cards anytime soon. Whatever color, shape, […]

Brochure Printing: Tips to Creating an Effective Brochure

Why do you need to print brochures? There are several online initiatives for marketing. Yet, brochure printing is an essential part of traditional marketing collateral. A brochure is one of the best collectible items. It is designed correctly not just to draw the attention of the clients but to create awareness about the specific products […]

Plastic Business Cards Over Paper and Some Inspiring Designs

The paper and the plastic business cards differ in several aspects, but you may also consider them as two sides of a coin. The transparent business cards are becoming the recent trendsetters in marketing, and you must have seen this outstanding promotional tool earlier. The versatility of the business cards makes it mandatory to be […]

Proper Business Card Format: Tips On Formatting Your Cards

What is a business card format? While you may think the elements printed on your card are the format this actually is not true. Design elements can consist of the typeface and graphics, whereas a proper business card format is positioning and placement of the graphics and fonts on the card. Formatting a business card […]

Real Estate Business Cards: Ideas for Realtors and Agents

Real estate is a face to face business which makes the real estate business cards, a convenient way to display contact info and connect with the customers. Enhancing your personal brand doesn’t always require a huge budget or bulk production. A unique business card design is enough to make your clients recall you easily. For […]

Leadership 101: Tips for Building Psychological Safety

Building Psychological Safety

Building psychological safety is all about encouraging your team to share their ideas with complete freedom. This concept is crucial for creative teams. Keep reading to learn how to ensure you are handling our team’s creative flow effectively.

Learn From the Best: 5 Entrepreneur Lessons to Keep in Mind

Mark Zuckerberg

Thinking about starting your own business? There’s nothing more satisfying than being your own boss! Luckily, this new era of digital marketing is a great time to be an entrepreneur. In fact, new businesses are being launched every day, and a large number of these businesses are thriving. Some credit can go to the Internet […]

5 Rules to Becoming a Successful Design Entrepreneur

corporate graphic design

Becoming a successful design entrepreneur starts with your creativity, but it needs a solid plan and execution. Check out these useful tips and start standing out from the competition and increasing your reach.

5 Productivity Tips Every Entrepreneur Must Know

productivity tip

Too many tasks, not enough time and people making demands, all with conflicting agendas. Does this sound familiar? Two decades ago, at the dawn of the electronic era, many were prophesying that more technology would let us enjoy the finer things in our lives. These predictions were dead wrong! Given email, smartphones in addition to […]