Perhaps the single best investment you will make to advertise, promote and keep your company in the forefront of your customer’s mind is your business card. Business card printing offers many selections and styles, but for a classy, attractive and memorable custom printing order, folded business cards are definitely the right choice.

A folded business card by its very nature has much more available space for printing your company’s information, logo and selling points. Available in both even and uneven edges, the front of the folded business card can display bold and colorful features that grab your customer’s attention. Business card printing can include many design options, including appealing artwork or stylized photos on the front of the business card that trigger an irresistible urge to pick up the card and flip it open.

The inner fold is a billboard of space specific to your custom printing order with all the contact information and promotional features for your business. In the inner panel, there is ample room to list your company name, web address and physical location. Individualized custom printing orders can list one or more contact names, titles, and email addresses. The added space of the folded business card facilitates inclusion of a plethora of information, such as numbers for customer service, billing questions, or help desk.

Folded business cards have the added ability of being able to stand alone, utilizing the back edge as a sort of easel to display the card at trade shows, marketing venues or desktops. Open a drawer filled with business cards, and the ones that will pop are the folded business cards, tempting to open, never disappointing in their wealth of information.

Flat business cards have long been the standard calling card for businesses. Online printing will allow you to choose the traditional flat business card, but it’s one sided printing is limited in space and appeal.

To maximize the marketing power of your online printing order, keep in mind that a flat business card that gets flipped over is just another piece of scrap paper. The structure of a folded business card is a two dimensional work of art.

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