5 Reasons You Should Buy Business Cards Online - Business Cards

The tradition of dishing out well-polished, intricately designed business cards goes back to the 17th century in Europe where the elite of the time would hand them over as a symbol.

The cards were shaped like play cards. Business cards have proven to be assets more than liabilities especially when it comes to networking and establishing long-lasting professional and business relationships.

Isn’t it just phenomenal that you can start a lasting relationship with a possible game-changer or an influencer by handing them a small exquisite card and out of that opportunities flow?

Business cards have good ROI


Sometimes it may take months or a certain amount of time to hear from the person after giving them your card. But one day which many call the day of days, out of the blue you will receive a call or an email requiring your services. All that enabled by a card. It could be a deal that would increase your sales by more than 50%.

Pessimists make the case that business cards end in the trash can but do you know that according to a study done by the Statistic Brain Research Institute in 2018, 72 percent of people judge a company or person based on the quality of their business cards. And 39 percent of people would choose not to do business with a company if they had a “cheap-looking” business card.

Well with that in mind you need to ensure that your little ambassadors are presentable enough to present an attractive image of you.

One of the best places to source for classy, attractive, simple, professional business cards is online. The advent of the internet has opened the door to endless possibilities and a wide catalog of items that would not have been easily found before.

The internet has greatly influenced the way we do business and as a result, people have been able to identify niches in the unlimited online market. Many businesses have also been started online without need for an office where customers visit but they just log in and order for items at the click of a button. Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg just to mention a few are making their fortune out of ecommerce.

It is therefore greatly beneficial to you to buy business cards online because of the following reasons:

1You get to choose from a wide array and view a bigger catalog

5 Reasons You Should Buy Business Cards Online - Business Cards


As stated earlier a business card is like an ambassador in whom you invest your entire business reputation and image. If you are looking to be represented well by your ambassador you want to choose the best.

The online option helps you answer the questions “Where can I get business cards?†and “Where can I get cheap business cards?â€

The internet gives you a wide pool to choose from. It’s not just a wide catalog of business card designs but also businesses that offer the service of business card printing and their various prices. Buying online enables you to design your own business cards and making accurate specifications at the click of your button.

Online buying will also assist you to get the best and fastest delivery time. It is not business-friendly to have products that take too long to find their way to you. How cool is it that you can choose the delivery style that is most convenient for you. It may be by mail, courier and so much more?

2Convenience because it saves time

5 Reasons You Should Buy Business Cards Online - Business Cards


Consider it as window shopping from the comfort of your desk thereby saving time and gas money. Picking from the previous point, the designing, editing and choosing a vendor can be done in less than thirty minutes.

With a 90% Return on Interest it is highly worth it.

3You are able to track progress

5 Reasons You Should Buy Business Cards Online - Business Cards


It is very important to track the progress of your orders now that the internet allows us to do so with ease. Buying business cards online helps evaluate the stage at which your product is and gives you the convenience of determining whether what you see is pleasing enough to represent your business. If not you can ensure that necessary alterations are made to your liking.

4Reference is very important

5 Reasons You Should Buy Business Cards Online - Business Cards

We all know how vital it is to have evidence of payment. You may never know when something happens in the future and you may need to present proof of payment.

Opting to buy online means that you can refer to emails, orders, designs, specifications, confirmation of the orders and the best part about it is that you have the specific dates and hours that you made the order.

5AI assisted designing

5 Reasons You Should Buy Business Cards Online - Business Cards


Art may not be your forte but Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help you circumvent that. All you need to do is conceive the kind of design you want and the right colors that depict your business. 4over4 gives you the option of determining your business card size in pixels and also design custom shaped business cards.

The most important part is that you can control your business card, its dimensions while at the same time making it very presentable.

6DIY business cards

Once you receive your finished product and the good returns directly related to your well-designed professional business card, you will be proud enough to know that you did make your own business cards.

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