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Copy of BLOG FRAMES 2 1 - 8 Perfect Electrician Business Cards

There are various types of professions, and in every domain, one common thing is business cards. Yes, it is one of the most relevant items that nearly every professional carries. When it is about local businesses, word of mouth marketing works the best. According to the 2014 Adweek report, 74% of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions. Graphic 16 - 8 Perfect Electrician Business Cards

When a recommendation or word of mouth is supported with quality business cards, it helps build the client’s trust. For instance, you are searching for an electrician. Your neighbor suggests one, along with the electrician’s business card. Won’t you be impressed?

What are Electrician Business Cards? 

If you are an electrician or electrical contractor on the journey to build your business, just being good at your work or doing your job for money is not enough. You must reach out to your customers and let them know how you can help people with your service or the things you can offer. In short, marketing your service is essential, and what better way than the business cards. So, let us check out some of the perfect electrician business cards in 2020 to market your business in the right way.

1Switch Design Business Cards

b3f74eafbecae5191a75f67c8f58ecf9846d2c79 - 8 Perfect Electrician Business Cards

Light switch or plugs are one of the most iconic, yet simple electricity symbols. You can use this simple design if you wish to impress your clients and make it attractive even if it is just a white image on a card.

You may choose die-cutting with the right size and lighting to give your business card design a realistic feel. Choose professional printers like 4OVER4 to ensure your business card cuts are sharp and clear. Sharing such custom business cards can highly increase your service demand.

2Clever Circuit Pattern Business Cards

243a7ca70d175dd3c98d37e31553fd4588e2a1c8 - 8 Perfect Electrician Business Cards


Do you wish to match the elegance of your overall marketing material style? This is one of the best business cards examples you can have. Use this blue and bold circuit design to enhance the background and highlight your brand logo.

Pair it with matching typeface relevant to your theme, layout, and colors to make it more attention-grabbing.

Never forget to make sure that your business card text is easy to read against the background. It will give the design a modern and exciting look that can surely attract prospective clients.

3Electric Current Business Cards Template

f24fd6416c2548f5c1bc0cf0ee400d5c7ef5297a - 8 Perfect Electrician Business Cards


Do you know that the blue color arouses serenity and calmness as per the color psychology? When you use it on professional business cards, the color blue reflects professionalism and reliability.

Therefore, in this electrician business card example, there are two powerful and noticeable design elements. Firstly, the overall use of blue color as a theme and the free-flowing electric current that best describes the electrician’s profession.

4Sparking Business Cards

9f4518b60d3904d7998ebaff0a3985f38320d81a - 8 Perfect Electrician Business Cards


This electrician business card is a perfect example of standing out. It indeed has the power to leave a lasting impression on your clients and instantly attract them.

The red background with the use of spot UV for live electricity positively connects with the audience and evokes strong emotions. By adding a precise call-to-action on your electrician business cards, you can double its value.

5Automobile Electrician Business Cards

bd78908b93bf12284a4941c24049f994e33057d7 - 8 Perfect Electrician Business Cards


It is not just your office and residential home that require electrical care, your automobiles do as well. This business card is a great example. If you are an auto electrician, this is the business card for you. Just check out the business logo elements and the way they have been incorporated.

Everything is balanced perfectly to make it a unique business card from the images to the color scheme. The rear side of the card highlights the electrician’s areas of expertise and creates a striking image.

6Modern Electrician Business Cards

1ad3ac757329f2dcde782b3515928fdce2e69242 - 8 Perfect Electrician Business Cards


This is an example of a modern business card which is classy, simple and makes a powerful design.

The plain blackish-grey background with a touch of yellow and white color combination adapted from the business logo gives a striking visual to your clients. It also helps to ensure that the text is straightforward and can be easily read.

7Light Bulb Environment-Friendly Business Cards

e50fe5f2f82a802f11bfbe480b2a29e60901f26f - 8 Perfect Electrician Business Cards


If you are looking for environment-friendly business cards, add green to accent your design and strengthen the green energy concept, as shown in this card. The green division at the center of the card, the chosen typeface, leaves within the bulb logo, and the complete layout emphasizes the idea of balance and going green.

Make your business cards perfect with the help of reliable printing services like 4OVER4 that also offers kraft paper stock and green printing technology.

8Frosted Plastic Business Cards for Electrician

844472c79546434b641149af0be8c6ffe894f09f - 8 Perfect Electrician Business Cards


The frosted plastic gives you great design options to choose from for electrician business cards. The texture is an added feature that encourages the audience to be more engaged. Frosted plastic is a more robust option than paper stock business cards.


A consistent and dependable organization is incomplete without the help of electricians. Make a strong impression on your prospective clients with professional and unique business cards. It will encourage them to connect with you and call. If you loved the above ideas and inspirations for electrician business cards, take the initial step to choose a trusted printing service that can-do justice to your design.

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