Handling cash has always been a hassle. The bulkiness of it, the security and most recently the spreading of coronavirus through cash transactions have made credit cards a desirable alternative. 51.8% of American adults use credit cards, a charge card or both according to creditcard.com.

What business cards looks like a credit card?


Owing to the rising popularity of credit cards, imagine how relevant and interesting a business card that exemplifies a credit card would be.

The uniqueness of it would be something worth carrying around and keeping. Your recipient would have a very hard time throwing such an executive card to the trash.

Business cards that could easily be mistaken for credit cards stand out because of its peculiarity and would immediately raise awareness that your business is not just any other business.


Unfortunately, according to credit donkey 63% of people who receive cards throw them away without a second thought. And with them, prospective deals end up in the trash can. Invest in premium business card designs to get a high retainer rate.

After seeing the ultra-thick business card reviews online, I have no doubt your business cards will cease being a statistic. These are some of the business card designs that you can shape to look like credit cards:

1Cotton business cards


These are cards that are made out of 100% cotton. They are multi-ply luxurious cards that show old world craftsmanship but with a touch of modern opulence. The paper has the same feel as a sketchbook, with a lightly textured surface. The card is thick and doesn’t bend. They also don’t shine.

You can have your credentials engraved in the credit card format. Ensure that your logo stands out while communicating the essence of your business. The business card should also have your contact information succinctly indicated.

2Plastic(30 mil) credit card thickness


30 mil PVC cards are ideal for printing cards on most direct-to-card printers. These graphic-quality cards are vision inspected and at 4OVER4 we give them foil stamping, spot UV and matte or a classic UV gloss finish.

These are the caliber of cards that are used as keycards due to their thickness and sturdiness. If someone were to hand me a plastic card as their business card I would accord them a whole lot of respect. The card says that the owner loves quality and they invested their resources to get quality over quantity. As a result it further explains that the product or service they offer is nothing short of quality.

With your credentials engraved onto the card giving it a classic embossing touch, your card will communicate more than what is written on it.

3Ultra-thick silk laminated


These are luxury thick water-resistant cards that last long. They have a deluxe matte lamination and a perfect edge trimming. The card can be custom-made to resemble a credit card with cutting edge technology and modern designs.

They are the cards you carry when going to high-end events such as the World Economic Forum. You should also invest in ultra-thick pro card thickness chart technology for high-level business meetings.  When you give the cards to decision-makers, key business people and industry leaders you will stand out of the crowd.

You never know if a deal worth millions of dollars is locked on that card.

4Ultra-thick metallic foil cards


Due to the fact that the ultra-thick business card paper stock used to make these cards is extra thick, printing ink on it would not be palatable. Therefore at 4OVER4 we use solid opaque metallic foil to customize the design to your desires or needs.

These lush exquisite cards can also be designed like a credit card. They are the face of sturdiness because they are 3X thicker than average and emblazoned with sparkling metallic foil. The metallic foil may be either golden or silver according to your specifications and preferences.

You might be wondering how to design ultra-thick business cards. Well, this is how they are made. They're made by compressing multiple layers of premium superfine paper, making your marketing materials sturdy and resistant, yet versatile and flexible.

The versatility of the work that goes into making this card happen produces a perfect product that commands the attention of any recipient.  Draw the interest of your next premium customer by acquiring ultra-thick metallic foil cards that uniquely resemble a credit card. It’s like drawing money from a bank vault with one key card.

5Raised foil business cards


What better way to get noticed than with a raised foil business card. It is premium, luxurious and tactile. According to your preference, you can choose gold, silver or a holographic foil. It can be offered in a sophisticated velvet lamination finish.

Raised foil design is used in ordinary credit cards; therefore a raised foil business card can safely be called a twin to the credit card. You can make your logo stand out on one side and then include your name and contact details on the flip side.

All you need is to conceive an idea of your card design and get your custom ultra-thick velvet laminated business cards.

6Being different with your business cards

Albert Einstein famously said insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Make an investment in ultra-thick velvet laminated business card holder for your desk. Stack your executively designed business cards in it. Hand each of those cards over to someone who will give you business deals that will exponentially expand your business.

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