As we approach Christmas, custom hangtag is a nice way to accessorize the exchanging of gifts.

What are hangtags?

Custom hangtags are labels attached to apparel that usually contain the basic information about them. The information that is included on a hangtag includes but not limited to: size, price, brand, country of origin, material and much more. They are also used in other places like hospital doors or schools such as do not disturb hangtags, which are hung on doorknobs. You can also find hangtags on people’s homes’ doors to celebrate key events such as Christmas or welcoming someone back home.

Benefits of using a custom hangtag

The hang tags are adopted majorly for apparel industry which accounts for around 2% of the world’s GDP, which is around three trillion US dollars of industry, and further growing fairly high rate globally according to Hang tags also help in brand awareness – “It is the level of familiarity that consumers have with a particular brand — its name, characteristics, logo, and anything else that might be strongly associated with it, as well as its goods and services,” according to Hubspot Standing out in the rack – Hangtags distinguish your products in a stack full of competitors. Cheap ultra-thick custom hangtags set your products apart with a distinctive logo and bright colorful designs. custom-kraft-hangtag


Customers invest in your brand more – When you include your brand story in a hangtag, it brings customers into your world making them identify with you. This fosters great customer loyalty. They give easy access to pricing information – Pricing information helps customers make more informed decisions before they make a purchase. It makes your business feel more transparent. They promote your business – With the right information, hangtags can lead people to your website or your social media pages.

1Die cut hang tags

Die-cut hangtags

This is when die-cutting technology is used to create any shape hangtags. There are no limits to this type of hangtags because the customer can get any shape they desire. Die-cutting is the use of a special razor called a die to cut different materials into specific dimensions. The dimensions might be regular or irregular.

Die-cut hangtags are my personal favorite because they take uniqueness a notch higher. For instance, a business might choose to have hangtags that assume the shape of their logo. Some logos look like fruits, mountains, shoes, symbols just to mention a few.

At 4OVER4 we use digital die-cutting so that we can offer you more creative accuracy and faster deliveries. Our technology allows us to produce die-cut orders within a day which no one else has been able to match up to so far.

2Prestige Hangtags


These are ideal labeling tools for products, showing appreciation to existing customers, luring new customers by giving them gifts which are accompanied by deluxe tags, decorating gifts for private events and such scenarios.

They are not limited to accompanying clothes because there are other places they can be used such as sports products, gourmet foods, beauty products, electronics, beverages, accessories, and many other amazing products.

3Kraft hangtags

Kraft hangtags

Critics of hangtags often cite that hangtags have no use because they end up polluting the environment when they are thrown away. However, Kraft hangtags change the narrative because they are eco-friendly and bio-degradable.

Custom kraft hangtags allow you to add a personal touch and uniquely designed feel customized to the identity and preferences of your customers or recipients. They can go well with souvenirs and Christmas gifts providing them with the much-desired rustic finish.

4Fabric hangtags

Fabric hangtags

These are hangtags that are not made from ordinary paper stock. Instead, they are made from fabric or garments. This makes them more durable and a fitting accessory to apparel. Due to their attractiveness and sturdiness, they exude prestige and luxury which accentuates your clothes.

5Plastic Hangtags

Clear plastic hangtags

No hangtags communicate class, luxury, prestige better than plastic hangtags. They are strong, durable, fold, and water-resistant. You can attach them to any products and they will do the talking for your brand.

You need to include information about your company so that marketing can be successful. Add your logo, photography, business information, or catchphrase.

You can get two types of plastic hangtags: Clear and Frosted.

6Bottleneck hangtags

bottleneck hangtags

They make products on the shelf stand out amongst the competition. They are not just relevant for wine bottles but also for other products like edibles. With the wholesale bottleneck hangtags, you are assured of a high ROI because custom hangtags are affordable to produce. Their cost of production is significantly low.  They attract a huge number of sales due to their unique design and inviting nature you’re able to maximize your profit margins.

Experts advise that you incentivize them with instant or mail-in rebates, free products or other tantalizing deals that would help a buyer move from the consideration stage to making a purchase decision.

You can also sweeten the deal by giving sweepstake offers. When someone buys one of these they stand a chance to win a gift or a lucrative prize.

Apart from those one can consider thank you, personalized hangtags especially as we go into thanksgiving.

7Metallic foil hangtag

Metallic foil hangtags

Think about a golden or a silver hangtag on your accessories, products and even clothes. Alternatively, how would you feel if someone gave you a gift that has a golden tag? You would feel honored and respected.

That is the kind of effect that metallic foil hangtags, custom printed with your artwork with beautiful shiny gold, silver, copper, red, black, or blue metallic foil will have on your customers. They best accessorize jewelry collections, souvenirs, gifts, clothing, packaging, holiday promotions, and wedding favors. The versatility of these hangtags presents glamour and elegance with ease.

8Endless options

With a large pool to choose from, you can make the coming holidays worthwhile for your customers and loved ones by accessorizing your products with creatively designed hangtags. Still, confused? Check out 4OVER4’s many affordable options and templates that you can choose from.

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