If you are curious about wall decals and how to make wall decals or how to remove wall decals, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I will write a bit on wall decals for the living room, for bedroom, and school among others so you can be sure of getting some valuable information. Now let’s get into this listicle of top 10 custom wall decals right away!



What Are Custom Wall Decals?

Wall decals are not to be confused with wallpaper. They are more of stickers that are applied on walls and more often than not serve an aesthetic purpose. They can be made from materials like paper or vinyl and modern ones should come off the wall without ruining your paint.


As a child, I wanted nothing more than to have a large wall decal of Pocahontas on the wall of my bedroom. Because this was so many years ago and we did not know where to source a quality one, I had to make do with a poster instead.

Now that there are so many great places to source quality and affordable custom wall decals though, you can be sure that I will get them for my kids if they ever ask for some!

1Wall Decals for Living Room

If you love art, then I am sure that at some point in time you have desired some art on the walls of your living room. This is more or less straightforward for home-owners, but most millennials and Gen-Zs are not homeowners so painting is not a great option. Unless you want to pay for getting the art on the wall then pay for a new coat of paint when you move out that is. Custom wall decals introduce a great option in this case because it is just a matter of buying or printing out your favorite art and sticking it on the wall. As mentioned in the introduction, nowadays most wall decals will come off without ruining the paint on the wall. With proper care, this solves the problem of costs so you can have your art- and hang it too!

Leaves Wall Decal

2Custom Wall Decals for Bedroom

Artistic individuals and just about everyone else will want art to flow through the house seamlessly. If they can have it in all their rooms and see it from the moment they wake to when they retire back to bed, they would be happy. Custom wall decals come in handy here because all that one needs to do is find a calming piece with a good definition and print it out. A pretty flower, an inspiring quote, or even a beloved pet kitten are all great options for custom wall decals. After having it printed out in five-star quality, all that needs to be done is to stick it on your bedroom wall.

Wall Decal

3Custom School Wall Decals

The most endearing quality of wall decals is how they can be put up or taken down and changed an infinite number of times. This makes them perfect for a busy environment like a school. These decals can be changed according to the season, the sporting events, or whatever calendar activities the school follows. Wall decals will liven up the walls and keep energy and morale high; two important things for any school. Their versatility as mentioned numerous times is their most appealing nature, and the ease of getting them from online printers is even better.

Children wall decal

4Custom Store Wall Decals

If you have a store, wall decals of something relevant to what you deal with are a must-have. Grocery stores can have decals of fresh veggies or animated fruits. Hardware stores can have decals of tools in use or colorful cartoon tools. The options are simply endless and so if you can think of something bright and attractive it will work well. It is always a great thing if you can brighten the day for everyone who visits your store and wall decals can do this.

Text wall decal

5Custom Wall Decals for Restaurants

Restaurants are another space that will benefit from wall decals greatly. Appetising images of fresh food and delicious desserts will whet the appetite of your patrons. Hot steaming cups of coffee or delicate cups of tea will inspire your patrons and give them ideas of what to order for. As long as they are kept clean and shiny, no one will ask anything about them. Just make sure that you get them in great durable quality so that they last until you are ready to change them.

Lines wall decal

6Custom Peel and Stick Wall Decals

If you want to make things even easier with wall decals, order for custom peel and stick wall decals. With peel and stick wall decals, you don’t need glue or other additives. You also don’t need to get a professional to help you fix it. Just ask a friend or two to help you out so that you stick it onto the wall as it should be and avoid getting bubbles trapped in the middle!

Stick and peel decal

7Custom Wall Decals for Gyms

Staying fit is really important and everyone wants to have a stunning body if not great health. Several pieces of artwork of people getting fit will inspire your patrons to do the same. Trim and sleek forms will help them have a vision of what they are working towards. Funny art and graphics will keep the mood light and after the pain of weight lifting and stretching give people something to smile about.

Gym wall decals

8All About Wall Decals

In this pandemic period, you can get creative with wall decals to ask people to keep a safe distance apart. Give them instructions on how to stay safe while getting fit and let everyone have a great time while getting into shape. Something to note is that a study done in June 2020 by Reportlinker says that between 2020 and 2025, the adhesives market in Europe is projected to grow by 14%. A few other custom wall decals that you can get include nursery custom wall decals to help create a lovely environment for your babies, monochrome wall decals to give an edge of sophistication and class to your walls as opposed to full-color decals, and glow in the dark wall decals to liven up your teens’ rooms or even your club setting. With these ideas for custom wall decals you can have printed, you have no excuse to ever have boring walls again!

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