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Businesses stand out in shipping and correspondence with sharp, eye-catching labels. Pasting the company brand on every box or package that leaves the building is best done through bulk label printing. Order labels in a variety of sizes from a company that specializes in business printing. Sticker printing should be readable, true to color and not smear. Look for a label printing company like that  offers easy-peel backing. The sticker should adhere well to any surface that is flat, clean and dry. Using an experienced specialist for printing assures a quality job every time. Businesses can save money by typesetting their own labels and having a custom printing company create the finished product. It is important to use the best industry practices for font type and size, text distribution, colors and phrasing.

There are two basic types of fonts in label printing. San serif are plain, block-style letters with a clean finish. Serif fonts have little hooks, or serifs, on the tips of the letters to make them look fancier. San serif fonts are much easier to read, especially in small lettering. Professional companies use a standard font for all of their business printing so that everything matches for a uniform, professional appearance. Use one specific serif or san serif font and larger type size for the company name. Use a smaller san serif font on the address information below for easy shipping distribution. Serif fonts in very small letters on label printing tend to be illegible and should not be used.

Custom labels should be simple and to the point. When used as shipping labels, each sticker’s custom printingshould include the company name, address, telephone number and website address. If the label is not for shipping, but for promotion or show, the address is omitted to save space, making the company name and logo even larger and more visible. The label’s layout should have an even margin of blank space, called white space, all the way around the edges where there is no lettering. The information should be centered from right to left, with even spacing in between the lines of text. Break up longer lines of text into shorter ones for more even distribution and visual appeal. Keep the message short.

Company colors are often used in custom printing. A light or white background with bold or black lettering always works well. The more colors used, the more expensive the labels. Avoid pastel colors for lettering. They are very difficult to read, and the message will be lost. Use red backgrounds for warnings and yellow for caution. Industry standards dictate these special types of stickers should have white or black letters.

Imprint the company logo on labels whenever possible. It helps with brand recognition. Use a simple logo pattern with sticker printing to avoid blurriness. Keep the colors and pattern true to their original look. Place the logo above lettering or evenly spaced on the left-hand side.

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