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Stickers and labels, the earliest found signs of sticker usage dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. Artifacts of early “stickers” made with early paper materials then adhered to city walls to advertise products and prices have been found in ancient market places throughout Egypt. Examples of early product labeling have also been traced back to around 1880 in Europe. Various types of colorful paper labels were stuck to fruit and produce crates with gum paste to help consumers identify different market products. Sir Rowland Hill is credited with the earliest type of adhesive paper invention used to create postage stamps.

Most of the first stamps, stickers and labels were pre-apply. By licking or applying water to these early stickers, the gum paste on the reverse side would become sticky. Once the paste dried, the label stayed wherever it was adhered to.

The adhesive postage stamp was the first use of adhesive paper. Early use of stickers and labels was often for marketing. Early produce merchants used brightly colored paper labels to make their product more attractive than the rest. Decorative labels and stickers were not brought around until the early 1900’s. R. Stanton Avery is most often credited with the invention of the first self adhesive label in 1935.

This new invention brought about a large variety of uses for stickers and labels. Over time, people have found many uses for labels. Custom stickers were brought about for businesses and organizations to display their name and logo on products and ideas. These custom labels have been affixed to all types of goods in an effort to gain name recognition and furthering business pursuits.

The use of custom stickers and custom labels has risen with the ability to print labels in mass or from home. Anyone with a computer and printer can print labels for any number of reasons. From mailing labels , to storage container labels, home projects and home businesses have benefited from the ability to create their own personal stickers and labels.

While printing labels at home is always easy and convenient, sometimes it is more cost effective to ordercustom labels from businesses like that have the ability to create them in bundles at lower cost. Custom printing has become an easy and effective way for people to get their name recognized.

So, for all your printing needs, whether you look for canvas prints or poster printing or even that last minute label printing job, go where the highest quality materials and lowest prices are:

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