8 Funny Valentine Day Posters and Postcards From Around the Web

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Happy Valentine’s Day, no need to get all stressed out planning for this special day, you can also say “I love you” with some valentine’s day humor too. Lately, a new generation of Valentine’s day postcards has emerged, for those who like to take this celebration with a twist of humor. There’s also the sarcastic style that many  prefer, instead of the traditional romance most people like to share with their couples. We decided to create this list with 8 valentine day posters and postcards just for fun.

1. Selfish Love

Because nothing says I love you as comparing your feelings to how much Kanye talks about himself funny valentine

2. Be The Jelly in my PB

Another way to say you complete me,  sandwich style funny valentine

3. I’ll Climb Mountains for you

Maybe, I’ll never climb the Everest, but I can still show you I’d be willing to do it valentine day humor

4. Natural Selection

Only the strongest survive, but in the case nature didn’t have to choose who that was for me to pick you.

 funny valentine day humor

5. Take the Life out of me

This tells your loved one that, just like dementors suck your breath away, but without the creepy part of taking all the happiness in the room, that’s how you make me feel. humorous harry potter valentine day card

6. C’mon baby Light my… Firefox?

Trying to set the night on fire? Let your inner geek out with this Valentines postcard.

funny valentne day poster


7. Our Love will Survive 

Nothing proves your love can stand the test of time and troubles, like surviving a nuclear attack.

8. Indisposable Type of Love

How hard do people need toilet paper in Sochi? That’s how much I need you

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