Fun Games For Your Wedding Reception (23 of 27)

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ust found these fun games and icebreakers that you can play at your reception:

Musical Chairs – Slightly Different

A fun wedding reception game that includes all your guests is musical chairs using men as the chairs. All the men line up and kneel on one knee. The women begin playing the game of musical chairs, but when the music stops, they must find a knee to sit on. No “chairs” are removed during the version of the game, but instead people are eliminated when either the man falls down when the woman finds his knee or when the woman falls down. Both are out either way, and if both fall down, they are also both out then (as well as perhaps a bit bruised). This is a fun wedding reception game that often brings on lots of laughter and adds to a relaxed reception atmosphere.

The Shoe Game

The shoe game is always a big hit at weddings. The couple stands back to back in the middle of the dance floor. The bride holds one of her shoes in her right hand and one of the groom’s shoes in her left hand, while the groom holds one of his shoes in his right hand and one of the bride’s shoes in his left hand. The emcee will then ask questions of the couple such as, “Who is the better driver?” The bride and groom will each answer the question by raising that person’s shoe. It is quite funny to see which questions the couple agree on the answer and even more funny when they disagree. The final question may be, “Who is the best kisser?” The couple each raises both shoes and gets to kiss.

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Great Icebreaker

Get a 3 x 3 inch piece of paper for each guest, and write a guest’s name on each. Then give each guest a pen (use multiple colored pens) and randomly hand out the pieces of paper – the guest needs to find the person whose name is on the paper and drawn them on the 3 x 3 inch paper. This not only gets guests mingling, but also once you’ve collected the drawings you can paste them on a big piece of cardboard and the bride & groom will have a great memento. If you want to see an actual example of one, let me know – we did this at a recent wedding and it went down great.

Find the Bride

Blindfold the groom and have four or five friends (not the bride), remove their shoe and raise their pant legs. Now just by touching the feet, the groom has to guess which one is the bride.


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