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Cupcakes are wonderful little treats.

If you plan on serving cupcakes, make sure you get some cupcake wrappers for them because they will transform your cupckaes into astounding creations.

You can purchase wrappers that are already made or design your own. Personally I find doing it yourself to be much more gratifying because the designs you get are unique and personal. I think guests appreciate this very much! Wouldn’t you?

You can Achieve This:

By using this simple template, also from Mama Mileu:

This is a very basic template- just notice that the shape of the holder is slightly curved.

There are two ways of using this template:

1. You can get pretty cardstock and cut them out using this template or

2. You can design colorful patterns and then print them out with your beautiful designs.Print them out yourself, or get an online printing company to do it for you! It will all depend how many copies you want

Use stickers, labels, and whole punches to get the perfect edge and the perfect design for your cupcake wrappers.

Other Ideas:

Mailing Labels

Postcard Printing

Bookmark Printing

Magnet Printing


A.nd let there be music… and lots of photos

B.eautiful Food for everyone

C.ake or Dessert Table- quite a dilemma

D.ress (“THE” Dress) – Very exiting

E.nchanting Flowers to set the mood

F.ormal Invitations for all your guests

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