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When planning a marketing campaign that utilizes poster printing, it is important to keep in mind the entire campaign theme as you design your posters or other large format printing pieces like banners or signs. Coordination of the marketing campaign should be done from the beginning, so that all related printed pieces have a similar look, feel, color scheme, and impact.

Begin with a basic layout for any business printing. This will utilize a logo and any important corporate colors or text slogans. While stationery and business cards most likely should remain very businesslike, unless the company is in a creative field of work, everything else can be coordinated around a couple of key elements. These include type fonts/styles, color schemes, and certain phraseology. If a company has a slogan, it should be included on each piece as part of company branding efforts.

Font selection for major text areas should be the same on every piece to add to the overall impact of the entire marketing campaign. Use a generic headline for the campaign theme, and include it on all business printing used in that campaign, such as postcards, banners, signs, and posters. Continue to reinforce the theme by using identical or similar artwork on each piece. A poster can look the same as a postcard, only larger, and it will have more space for additional text.

When organizing a print campaign, write down each and every piece of print material that will be needed, such as poster printing, stationery, cards, postcards, banners, signs, envelopes, and so forth. Online printing companies have wonderful layouts ready to complete that are professionally designed for high impact. Use these format templates and leave artwork to their professional designer; that is the simplest way to achieve a coordinated look for your marketing campaign. You can, of course, designate special colors as needed when you order online printing.

The reason why it is a great idea to coordinate all parts of your large format printing campaign is to get the best results from your efforts and your budget. Coordination of marketing materials increases the impact a campaign has because it duplicates repetition. Use posters and banners in the store or on location. Use smaller pieces as mailers or handouts. When viewers see the same images or designs on many pieces, the “look” and message is more likely to be retained. Keep designs and text message simple and to the point to avoid confusing the audience. Repetition also aids instant recognition and enhances branding.

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