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Posters can help add flash and excitement to a sale or event. The first modern use of posters and poster design for advertising dates back to the 1870s, in Paris, France. Once a lithographic poster printing process was developed that allowed printers to produce the large format printing flyers in rapid succession, poster history was on its way. By the 1900s, poster art moved from fine art into a line of messages, used for public relations and propaganda devices during World War I.

Poster printing in the modern computer era has evolved into making posters very. Online printing companies like are experts at producing posters with quick turnaround times and fast deliveries. Large format printing has also evolved over time. There are new high speed printing machines that work with digital technology to produce finished poster products in all sizes that have high resolution graphics and images.

Posters are used for to inform, invite, and to advertise events and special sales. Posters are a great retail product, commonly sold at events, festivals and fund raisers. Business printing of posters and other flyers for advertising is an everyday occurrence; online printing saves time and energy and is convenient for business printing customers.

When creating a poster design online, do not rely on the visual seen on the screen, as there may be slight color differences from the computer screen to actual printed colors. Printing a proof copy is the best way to predict exactly how the colors will be on the finished product. Another way to determine exact color reproduction is to use a Pantone color wheel and order colors by their Pantone numbers. This is how a printer can match colors exactly to what is ordered.

Use high contrast colors schemes that are compatible. Simple is best for larger posters that will be viewed from a distance. Clutter can become confusing for messages. Choose large enough text font sizes and styles that are clear to read. The headline should be the largest text on the poster page, with several supporting statements below. Small text is not the best thing to include on posters if they cannot be viewed from a close-up stance.

Allow adequate border space on posters. This is a space around the edge that is not printed. When printing to the edge, more paper must be used and later trimmed off. Take advantage of white space for making visual stand out and look clean.

Color choices are in the thousands, but a few basic primary colors are normally chosen. These are black, white, red, yellow, blue, green and gray. Posters, even used for advertising, are still artwork and should be designed with that in mind. Use creative touches and designs to draw attention, but remember to keep the message as the focal point if the posters are being used to transmit a message.

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