Movie Studios Rely on Poster Printing to Sell Tickets to their Movies – 103

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When major movie studios want to promote their multi-million dollar offerings, they turn to a tried and true advertising medium—large format printing. Poster printing is the most popular, effective form of large format printing. When projects that have a $500 million budget use online printing for their posters, you know it’s a valid, powerful medium.

Poster printing is important to movie studios because they can use numerous posters in different sizes for different applications. In the days before online printing, movie posters were illustrated by artists. The movie posters of today usually have a large photo of the main character or locale plus some stylized text. If the film is a horror film, the text will be shaky or look frightening. If the film is a love story, the colors will be bright and cheery. The beauty of business printing is that it can be designed to conceal its true aim—to sell tickets.

With business printing, it’s important to know your product and your printer. If your posters are going to herald the arrival of this year’s Oscar-winning feature film, don’t be cheap with the printing. Find the best online printing company available, is one to look for. Don’t trust your valuable business printingto just anybody.

Knowing when to use what type of poster is also important. Because full-size 40 x 27 inch posters are the most expensive, they’re used sparingly. In a press kit sent to a theater, there may only be four full-sized posters. Lobby cards are more frequently sent in bulk. These 11 x 14 inch posters usually come in sets of eight and are displayed in frames in the theater’s lobby. Lobby cards are likely to disappear quickly because they’re collected by movie fans.

Another effective type of large format printing is the bus stop poster. These mega-posters are a whopping 40 x 60 inches and can be seen from a long distance. A display or half-sheet is only 22 x 28 inches in landscape format. Usually a half-sheet shows action and lists the stars and director.

From there, the sizes just keep growing. A twenty-four sheet is also called a billboard. It is 246 x 108 inches in landscape format. A six-sheet is a square 81 x 81 inches. A three-sheet is 41 x 81 inches in portrait format.

Regardless of how large you print your movie posters, be sure to use the best printer you can find. Only a high-quality, well-established printer can give you the best results for your advertising campaign.

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