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Informational posters can be easily ordered through online printing services, but knowing what you want on your poster can take some planning, creativity and a sense of balance. The font that you choose, the color combinations you pick, where you place your graphics and even the materials you select can make the difference between a well designed or poorly planned project.

When it comes to fonts, the sans serif styles without all the curlicues or fancy swirls are much easier to read. Skip italics too, but use bold highlighting, underlining and strategic colors to show emphasis. Choose one font for the entire poster and then increase its size from the smallest details to the title which should be readable from 15–20 feet away. Poster printing will be double-spaced with a left justification and a text size of about 24–28, which is discernable from 6 feet.

Your online printing company may have templates for you to use free of charge so that you can experiment with arranging your materials including texts and graphics. Both large format printing and business printing can really be impressive with artful color choices. Generally, it’s best to use soft, neutral colors such as grey or pastels for the backgrounds and one or two other colors for contrast. Too many choices can become very distracting. Certain color combinations will not do justice to poster printing and should be avoided:

• Both blue text on red background and red text on blue background become visually blurry.
• Yellow disappears on a white background and strains the eyes overall.
• A white background will reduce the impact of color photos.

If you are displaying photos on your business printing project, consider a light background for the dark photos and a dark background to enhance the lighter pictures. You might also want to incorporate the business colors into your informational poster.

Whether you have a small or large format printing order, carefully positioning your graphics is important. The general rule is 20%–25% text and 40%-45% graphics. The remaining 30%-40% unused space keeps the poster from becoming too cluttered and too distracting. Your graphics should be quite self-explanatory and large enough to be seen from at least 6 feet away.

Finally, choosing the right materials for your online printing order depends on the number of posters you plan to order and how you want to display them. Bulk posters are available in both glossy and matte paper or card stock and in huge quantities. Large format posters are usually printed on 100 lb. semi gloss cover or high gloss finish. The softer sheen of the semi gloss is less reflective, while the high gloss treatment makes colors vibrant and alive. Mounted posters are usually printed on 1/8 inch PVC board for durability and stability.

When you choose an online printing company like, ask about all these features and let them help you design an informational poster you can be proud of. After all, you are really advertising yourself, aren’t you?

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