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You can do your part to protect the environment when you do business with companies that routinely use “green” practices. A printing business has many opportunities to exercise the option of being environmentally friendly. When you need the services of a printing company and custom printing projects need to be done, choosing the right company for your online printing is important. Ordering your printing online can save money for you and save the environment as well if you select a conscientious company to handle your online print needs.

A printing business should use good management and production practices to eliminate excess waste. However, there will always be some waste, so an online printing company can recycle the waste paper that is unavoidable, which reduces carbon emissions and decreases the amount of natural resources needed for milling virgin paper. Therefore, recycling paper saves not only trees but electricity and water as well. An online print company can also recycle things like wood pallets and aluminum plating products.

Environmentally friendly online printing companies use vegetable-based inks that contain very little mineral oil. Responsible businesses commonly use soy-based inks for printing online orders. Soybean plants contribute to cleaner air by removing greenhouse gases from the environment, and they contribute to water conservation because they do not require irrigation. Growing and harvesting soybeans requires little energy in relation to some other crops. The traditional petroleum-based inks have volatile organic compounds, VOCs, and emit toxic gases as they dry. The toxic gases may contain toxic stabilizers, heavy metals and other harmful substances, and they add another source of air pollution. They contribute to air pollution again when the paper with those inks is recycled.

Many online printing companies use chlorine-based bleach to whiten paper, and this contributes to water pollution. Alternatives such as oxygen-based systems are available, and companies using “green” practices will use those other methods to bleach paper.

Before contracting with a printing business for your online printing needs, inquire about the conservation methods the printing company and custom printing organization uses for environmental protection. We should all be conscious about our natural resources and environment and take the responsibility to do what we can to protect them for future generations. We can do this indirectly as well as directly. Choosing a printing company and custom printing firm that uses “green” methods for printing online will ensure that you are making a worthwhile contribution to the effort.

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