The Rapid Growth of the E-Readers

You have heard of them, especially during the holidays, maybe more by their brand names: Kindle, Nook, or Sony’s. They all have something very important in common: You can carry a lot of books in a device as thin as a magazine. And not only books: newspapers and magazines alike can fit there by the thousands.

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Digital Greeting Cards vrs Printed Greeting Cards

Back in the 80s where the Internet was a luxury only accessible by the military and college faculty, the tradition among every American come the Holidays was getting a big pile of Greeting Cards, writing each one by hand, and then they were promptly delivered either by conventional mail or even better, personally, to loved ones and friends alike. And the other way around, it was a tradition to show all the holiday greeting cards you received.

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Christmas Cards

If there’s a tradition that has not been lost to the digital era (amid the fact that you can use their digital versions to save time and enrich them with video and animations) that is, without a doubt, the use of Christmas Greeting Cards to share with friends and family.

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