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Business cards are small advertising tools that have a large impact. They are used in business and in social circles as a calling card, for introductions and for promoting products and businesses. There are many styles ofprint cards that can be put into service to function as a business card. The traditional size of business cards is about 2×3.5 inches; non-standard cards can be any size. Newer styles include fold over cards, tear off cards, magnetic cards and novelty cards.

The primary purpose of business printing is to increase awareness and help in sales efforts by supplying potential customers with important contact information. Without contact information, a sales call is soon forgotten. Business cards usually contain typical contact names, addresses, telephone numbers and perhaps a product mention or company slogan. If the business is introducing a new product, they may wish to include a photo image of that product, the company logo or more details about that new product on the card.

A large business card, cards printed on two sides, fold-over cards and novelty business cards have extra room for details and graphics. The typical business card is printed on card stock, but many other materials can be successfully used, including wood, metal, paper or plastic. A smart move for any business is to take a little time to plan their business printing. Use a reputable online printing company like and take advantage of their free consulting services. Their professional designers can help any business determine which materials and styles will be best for the intended purpose and use of printed cards.

Use a logo and perhaps a splash of color on a business card to draw additional attention. If more information is required, move to a larger format for the business card. Some new card printing ideas include adding a quick response (QR) code to the business card. These small squares are packed full of data that can be scanned into a smartphone or tablet computer for reading.

Online printing companies like can produce and deliver high quality business cards in a hurry. When it is necessary to print cards, try to print a supply that will last for one year at minimum to cut reprint costs. It is important to hire a reputable and skilled online printing company for card printing and other business print jobs because they offer advantages a small local print shop may not be able to provide, like large format printing and special coatings.

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