Wedding Seating Arrangements (21 of 27)

Published on August 25, 2010 by , in Part of a Series
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The first question that arises when one thinks about seating arrangements is, is it necessary?

Well it’s completely up to you, the idea behind the seating arrangement is for people to get to know other people- but of course, some people might feel like they’re forced into talking to people they don’t particularly like. Whether you choose to have seating arrangements or not, here’s an idea of potential layouts for your tables:

Seating Chart

But, if you DO choose to do seatig arrangements, this would entail careful planning and various forms of seating charts and place cards.


Learn how to use folded business cards for your seating charts, place cards and more.


A. Wedding Favors

B. Rentals

C. Lighting

D. Seating Arrangements

E. Fun for Everyone

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