How Big are Business Cards? Standard Vs Custom Business Card Sizes

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Every business card has a name, contact information, logo, and other varied elements. It sets your business apart from your competitors as no card has the same information. Does that mean you have unique business cards? Not really because every business card has the standard template of 3.5” x 2” or 2.5” x 2.5”. If every card looks the same, why should your client notice you? 4OVER4.COM is one of the most trusted names that gives you several reasons to hit the bull’s eye and stand out in your business with custom business cards.

When you select a standard template, you forego a chance to make original business cards. For instance, what if your competitor chooses the same template background, look, and feel? Instead, when you select the custom business cards, you can be more versatile, choose business card finishes, your own colors, positioning of text, and more. 4OVER4.COM offers both different types of business cards and other marketing materials for your business but, how can you choose between the standard vs. custom business cards?  Learn more about both types of card to come to a perfect decision.

How Big are Your Business Cards?

lady in blazer holding business cards

When you have an idea of where to start, it becomes easier to create enticing business cards. Do you know the exact measurements of a business card? The standard dimensions of the finished business card are 3.5 x 2 inches or 8.9 x 5.1 cm or 88.9 x 50.8 mm as per the metric system.

The common business card sizes are –

  • Standard Business Cards         3.5 x 2 inches
  • Micro Business Cards             1 x 3
  • Square Business Cards            2.25 x 2.25
  • Folded Business Cards              3.25 x 2

Ensuring your logo and text is within 3.25 x 1.75 inches is vital. If you do not wish to experiment, 4Over4 comes up with a range of categories in business card designs to browse from. You may also find double-sided business cards when you wish to add some offer or product info, etc. We also offer custom business cards in a range of cuts and finishes. Let us know your specifications and we take on the responsibility of your business card printing in any shape, dimension, texture, and material you want.

Are you aware of the differences between the standard business card vs custom business cards? To know more, let’s dig deeper into the subject.

Standard Business Cards Printing

standard mock up business cards

In order to promote your brand across the globe, the standard business card printing is the most cost-effective medium. What do you think of when you hear the term the standard business cards? It is a small card of 3.5 x 2 inches that consists of initial information of a person and company. Today, there are various kinds of cards being used in different shapes, sizes, design, and style. But, the standard business card size is the most preferred choice for reasons like

  • Standard business cards are easy to handle
  • Have a smart look and feel
  • Occupies less space in wallet and pocket
  • Easy to print
  • Affordable and cost-effective

One of the first things that comes to mind when you first receive a business card is how to handle it or where to keep the card. If the business cards are too big or have an odd shape, it can be difficult to tuck into your wallet. Another thing that comes to mind is the printing expense. The standard business cards are always easy to print and you can get it delivered within the least time in comparison to the custom business cards. allows you to get your standard business cards for free when you opt for the free online business card template on the website. Our range of ultra-thick business cards and edge painted business cards breaks the monotony of the standard business card to some extent. Your standard business card gets delivered within 2-5 working days.

Custom Business Cards Printing

foldover business cards

These days creating business cards takes just a few seconds. You just need to browse through the themes and backgrounds until one appeals you, input your name, logo, address, on the already designed template and you are done. Because of how simple they are to create such business cards, several companies prefer them. Do you think such business card designs are a great way to attain exclusivity?

The answer simply is no. There are a range of custom business cards available today such as the embossed business cards, magnetic, full color, photo, and double-sided cards, glossy, silk laminated business cards, foldover business cards, and even plastic business cards. Today, the custom business cards have created their own market.

  • A customized professional card reveals the vision and nature of your company which is more beneficial in comparison to the standard business cards.
  • A customized card can communicate the exceptional features of your company to the clientele.
  • Custom business cards help distinguish your company from your competitors.
  • The design and layout, fonts and colors, papers and textures and even ink for printing of the custom business cards are carefully selected to convey the right message of the business to the clients. Instead of petroleum-based ink, 4OVER4.COM can offer you vegetable based environment-friendly ink when you opt for green printing method.

Amidst the increasing competition, if you wish to stand out, custom business cards can definitely help you get noticed. The generic business cards are common and it is possible that your clients have seen them before. In such a situation, your card is not helping to boost your brand or connect with a potential customer. Instead, your client may get an idea that you are not as well invested as you appear to be. The custom business cards are an elusive yet effective way to create a strong impression. Such cards keep you tuned to your company and make you appear successful.

Standard Business Cards Vs Custom Business Cards Printing Online

Are you looking for standard business cards or searching for custom business cards online? 4OVER4.COM offers you a broad range of business cards as well as other promotional items printing at affordable prices. We also provide a reprint option to edit your product detail if you want. Whether you are using standard or custom business cards printing, our team can help you to acquire the best quality printing products in a very short time. Our dedicated 24/7 online customer support representatives fully understand your queries regarding your printing products and provide you with the best solution.

If you still have any doubt, visit our website and chat with our support team. Our exclusive cards can be yours in just a few clicks. Personalize your business cards and make yourself stand out. is an online digital and offset printer rocking the professional printing industry since 1999. This blog is dedicated to printing tips, graphic design, creativity and the visual arts. Our team collaborates to cater to both amateur and seasoned designers, business owners and design lovers all over the world. Look for our exclusive discounts and special offers in online printing!

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