Things to Remember When Designing Your Business Cards

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fat foil business cards

Do you wish to promote your brand in a pocket-friendly way? Business cards are an ideal tool for brand promotions. It fits into your pocket, is very economically priced, and consists of significant information that you wish to share with others. Wherever you go, connections are something that you can build. Having a business card with you at all times can turn out to be a great decision for your business. So, don’t you feel your design should be unique?

Today, there are several online platforms for online standard business card designing. They give you the freedom to design your own card, but are you aware of how to make a unique design? is a great platform to get your eye catching and exclusive business cards at affordable prices. We are a team of enthusiastic and experienced professionals with the right skills to print a high quality cards that can make the clients stand out. Let’s learn the things you should remember while designing your cards online.

Determine the Information on Your Business Card

3 Lenticular business cards

Proper planning is very important for online business card designing. The first and foremost you need to determine the information you wish to print on the business cards. Here’s a list of information that you may add and also remember it while designing it online.

  • Your complete name
  • Just beneath your name, put down your designation if you have any
  • Any tagline or title if you wish to add
  • Business name
  • If you are an online store, rent a post box to make it more legitimate and include in your business cards or enter your address from where you operate
  • Add your phone number and email address
  • You may add your image that can be a great idea to make your business stand out
  • Although business cards are not really the place for marketing social media handles, you may consider it, if genuinely required

It is important to note that you can play with business card designs, sizes, fonts, colors, and textures but squeezing in the number of information in one small card can completely spoil your efforts. For instance, offers unique mini business cards that can easily get you noticed due to the size and shape of the card. However, if you clutter it with too much info, the words can overpower the design. So, you must plan in advance the specific info you wish to share to get connected to your clients.

Choose the Layouts for Your Business Cards

Layer cake business cards

The layout of the business cards plays a major role in making it attractive and perfect for your business. Today, you don’t need to brainstorm layouts because technology has made it easier to design your cards instantly. The online business card designing allows you to select a template from an assorted collection. is one of the most trusted sites that offer you a range of free templates to download and a variety of online business cards design to choose for printing. Just choose the template, upload the images you want by setting the right color, font, and size, put down the text detail you have already planned to include in the blank spaces, select the paper and finish you want for your business card, and finally, get it printed. We offer a selection of finishes that you may opt for to give your card a completely different look.

How Do You Wish to Print Your Business Cards

foldover business cards

When you plan to promote your business or brand, business cards are the handiest and most cost-effective option that comes to mind. Once you have completed the layout of the online business cards, have you thought how you would like them to get printed? The things that you must consider while determining this are–

  • Where you want to print your cards
  • How you want to print your cards
  • How many cards you need
  • How soon you need the cards
  • Would like to experiment by printing it yourself
  • Would you prefer a professionally printed business card

It is important that your thoughts are clear before you get your business cards printed. Before ordering your cards it is important to consider the size of the card you want, the paper type, the design, and general layout.

You can design your card online and get it printed professionally without spending a single penny by requesting a free premium sample pack by 4Over4 or opting for one set of free business cards from It is guaranteed that you won’t be disappointed when you choose 4Over4 as your printing partner.

Make the Business Cards a Worthy Resource

edge painted business cards

Now that you know the vital elements for online business cards designing, it is also important to keep in mind how to convince people to keep your business in mind or hold on to your business cards without discarding it. Here are two ways that you may choose to attain your goals.

  • In order to make your card a worthy resource, you may use the rear side of the card to add some attractive offer that your clients cannot cast-off. For instance –a small store may offer incentives or print coupons for the customers. A banquet owner may print 200 free balloons for decoration for the people hiring the space. When it comes to the back of the business cards, there’s no end to the possibilities.
  • Secondly, while choosing online card designs, you may also select some of the unusual materials or finishes to make them more valuable. The 3D lenticular business card is one of the best examples that can garner the attention of the clients by twisting, tilting and turning to show three different messages. You can find many such attractive business cards finishes like silk laminated, die-cut, metallic foil, spot UV business cards, and more.

Use a Printing Service for Bulk Business Cards

When you are not an expert, it is always better to hire professionals. You must remember that if you have resources and time, you may avoid the possible headache and get more polished business cards. is an affordable option for ordering your business cards online. We also offer super fast turnaround time with same day delivery option for anyone in a rush.

If you are looking for online business cards designing, 4Over4’s unique finishes and comprehensive customization along with their experience of over 20 years makes the best combination for business cards printing. We offer green printing in which soy-based inks with low VOC emission is used that can be 100% recycled. We also offer premium paper stocks, design templates, and full color printing. Place and track your orders easily with our transparent services.

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