Brighten Up Your Home Office Decor With Custom Prints

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Are you a remote worker? Having the flexibility to work from your home is a dream come true! Nevertheless, you may not feel motivated to get work done if your workspace is boring. A few minor decor updates — from unique accents to awesome wall art — can make a huge impact, turning an uninspiring workspace into a place that ultimately fosters creativity. Luckily, we’ve compiled some practical home office decor ideas so your space won’t resemble an office cubicle.

Home Office Decor Made Easy

We want you to infuse your style into every inch of your space! To help you jumpstart that brainstorming process, we’ve compiled six ideas that will brighten up and rejuvenate your home office decor, from custom prints to beachy wall clocks. These whimsical ideas will make telecommuting even more desirable! Let’s have a peek:

Idea #1: Hang Motivational Canvas Prints

Looking for inspiration? Hang a motivational print as lovely as this one on a wall so you can see it whenever you’re feeling a bit unproductive. This custom stretched canvas print will bring any space to life and keep you going, every single day!

home decor


Idea #2: Go Artsy With a Matisse Poster

If your eyes fall on a Henri Matisse poster every single time you glance at your wall, you can almost imagine you’re at a museum instead of in your home office. This vibrant personalized poster by renowned French artist Matisse is the perfect addition to any space. It certainly helps inspire your inner creativity!  Isn’t the use of color breathtaking? Not only will these bright tones give your home office an extra bit of personality, it will also inspire you to get the work done.

home office decor


Idea #3: Add a Splash of Color With a Yellow Desk Lamp

A desk lamp is vital for keeping you awake as you grind away alone. Remember that great work requires great lighting. When it comes to your home office decor, there’s no need for basic black or metal lamps! Add a splash of color to your office decor with this fun take on the standard desk lamp. This striking yellow lamp is sure to bring a bit of sunshine into your life even on the gloomiest of work-from-home days!

home office ideas


Idea #4: Invest in a Beautiful, yet Comfortable Chair

How many hours a day do you spend parked in your office chair? We’re guessing anywhere between six and twelve hours. It’s imperative that you invest in a beautiful, comfortable, ergonomically-correct chair like this chic white one. It’s worth every dime! Once you invest in a comfortable chair as elegant as this one, you may want to add a pillow for optimal back support and comfort. Just try not to fall asleep!

home office chair


Idea #5: Bring a Little Bit of the Beach Into Your Space With a Clock

Are you one of those remote workers who get through those long workdays by daydreaming about your next vacation? This eye-catching clock is perfect for you!  Why not bring a little bit of the beach to your home office with this stunning photography wall clock. The unique photography design with a beachy feel looks amazing. It’ll certainly be the centerpiece of your home office!

office details


Last Thoughts

As you can see, whether your home office is a nook for organizing your schedule and paying bills, a designated space for running a company, or the occasional telecommute, you deserve much more than a chair and a metal desk stuffed into a spare corner of the house. A home office that reflects the comfort and style of the rest of your home is a workspace where you’ll want to burn the midnight oil.

We hope these clever ideas help you revamp your home office decor once and for all, while instantly boosting productivity. Which of these ideas did you find the most inspirational? Which one have you tried at your own home office as a remote worker? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to kindly leave a comment. For further inspiration, browse our online catalog now! is an online digital and offset printer rocking the professional printing industry since 1999. This blog is dedicated to printing tips, graphic design, creativity and the visual arts. Our team collaborates to cater to both amateur and seasoned designers, business owners and design lovers all over the world. Look for our exclusive discounts and special offers in online printing!

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