Vera Schulz: Sharing a Powerful Message to Inspire Others

Published on January 16, 2018 by , in Invest in Yourself
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Sadly, according to Mirror Mirror, “an estimated 0.5 to 3.7 percent of women suffer from anorexia nervosa at some point in their lifetime. Research suggests that about 1 percent of female adolescents have anorexia.” Today’s blog post is about Vera Schultz, a brave teen who battled anorexia and overcame the eating disorder to become a successful fitness instructor.

We want to share Vera’s story with you because is a vivid example of how we can all overcome a difficult situation if we have a goal in mind. Set your mind to it and celebrate the results!

Vera Schultz’ Inspirational Story

Vera Schulz experienced a dramatic weight drop while she was in the grips of this devastating disorder. Vera frequently fainted due to a lack of energy and struggled with her schoolwork. In 2014, the 18-year-old high schooler from Stavropol, Russia dropped to a critical weight of just 72 pounds. Even though she regularly fainted, her family did not notice she was underweight.  

 Vera Schulz


Her Love of Fitness

When Vera Schulz discovered her love for the gym, she started building muscle and learned to love her body. Weighing a healthy 132 pounds, she is now a successful fitness trainer who has developed an effective nutrition program. She supports her clients from a psychological point of view, as she understands their feelings and struggles from her own personal experiences. Vera stresses that all the self-consciousness teens go through starts from the outside and is pushed by external factors.

It’s not easy to overcome anorexia, but Vera proves that it is possible! Share this video about Vera Schulz’s story to inspire others experiencing their own struggles and learn more about the devastating reality of eating disorders: