Father Opeka and the City of “Good Friends”

Published on January 16, 2018 by , in Initiatives, Invest in Yourself

Not many of us have witnessed poverty like Father Pedro Pablo Opeka. At the age of 22, Father Opeka went to Madagascar; the 8th poorest nation in the world. A country where 3,000 people live and work in one of Africa’s largest rubbish dumps. Living standards are simply precarious and inhumane.

From Garbage to Dignity

When Father Opeka saw how these people were living, he decided to help them improve their quality of life. Father Opeka rolled up his sleeves and taught people how to build their own homes and grow their own food. He started by building one small home for children, and over time a small village rose from the ground – literally.

Father Opeka


With help from his community,  Opeka built schools, medical centers, and factories. Through hard work and faith, he established a network of communities called “Akamasoa”, which means “Good Friends” in the Malagasy language.

Father Opeka found his mission in life: help the poor and turn their lives around. He has devoted his entire life to the fight against poverty, and in turn, is teaching us all a lesson on humility and perseverance.

So, without further ado, meet Father Opeka and get inspired today: