How Tim Ferriss Applied Pareto Efficiency to The 4-Hour Workweek

Published on December 4, 2017 by , in Entrepreneurs, Invest in Yourself

If there’s anyone who knows about productivity, it’s guru Tim Ferriss. As an investor and author, he’s definitely opened the doors of productivity to millions of readers with his bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek. For those who want to get a productivity boost, today’s blog post is all about Tim’s recommendations for applying Pareto Efficiency. He encourages us to reward personal effectiveness over sacrifice. We should focus on results rather than time spent. Learn more about how applying Pareto’s Law can help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

Tim Ferriss


What is Pareto’s Law?

As stated by Deppmann Lab ,”In the late 1800’s Vilfred Pareto created a power law probability distribution.” The Pareto Principle has become increasingly popular in the context of economics and business. Ferriss explored this concept for personal efficiency. The way this principle applies to YOU is that 20% of what you do on a daily basis goes toward achieving your objectives. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you cut out the 80% and only focus on things that are “high leverage” for accomplishing those objectives?

Pareto's law


How Tim Ferriss Applied Pareto’s Law

The ‘80/20 principle’ gets its name from the theory that you can generate 80% of your results with only 20% of your efforts. Ferriss’ trick is to apply this brilliant principle to business. You might know a number of people that are complete time wasters. Forget them and focus on the 20% of staff members or customers that bring you most of your results. Ask yourself: What clients produce 80% of the revenue? What employees are the most efficient? Focus on them!

What about the other 80% of team members or customers who keep wasting your precious time? Apply the auto-responder logic to them! This way, you’ll keep communication with these people to a minimum.

How to Boost Productivity Using Pareto’s Law

Pretty much everyone has their own productivity or efficiency booster that they swear by, from to-do lists to task management software apps. Even though they have their advantages, keeping Pareto’s Law front of mind will make a greater impact than any other tool. To properly analyze how productive you are using Pareto’s Law, just ask yourself: What 20% of tasks are creating 80% of my unhappiness and issues? What 20% of tasks are resulting in 80% or my happiness and desired outcomes?

“Being busy is a form of laziness – lazy thinking and indiscriminate action.” – Tim Ferriss

We hope this information comes in handy and that you can use this principle to succeed as a business owner. Start applying Pareto Efficiency today and your business will thrive!

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